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Continue To Press On


Selamat Pagi (Good Morning) from Indonesia

One of the things we both love about Indonesia is getting to try new things, especially food. One of our favorite foods is called “Putuh” or Whistle cake. The guy will drive around the neighborhoods with a large container strapped to his scooter. Inside the container is a propane gas tank that is being used to light a fire and boil water. The steam is vented so it makes a whistling sound for everyone to hear and know that whistle cake is near! The cake is made by stuffing a powdery cake mix into small bamboo shoots about 3 inches long. In the middle of the cake mixture is red palm sugar. He places the stuffed bamboo shoots on end over holes where the steam comes out. After the cakes are cooked, he pushes them out on some wax paper and spreads sugar and coconut shavings on top. It is delicious!!! Continue reading Continue To Press On