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First Week of School…

The Quest Kodiak

And to think…one week ago I was sitting on a beach in North Carolia with my family. Since then, I have driven all the way back to Ionia, MI, started school at S.M.A.T., and set up our new apartment. There aren’t boxes everywhere and it feels a little bit like home! (Just don’t try to tell that to all my mosquito bites!!!)

I began school on Wednesday and learned about the school rules, the course syllabus, and received a tour of the school/work hangar. As a special treat, every student got to go on a short flight in a Quest Kodiak. It is a single engine, turbo-prop that seats up to ten people. It can go over 200 mph and climb at over 1,000 ft per minute. Even more exciting is that MAF has begun to switch their fleet over to Kodiak’s because it uses jet fuel, which is more readily available and cheaper than Avgas. I was stoked because I may get to fly one of these in the near future!!!

My first three classes are Electricity (you should see my head spin as I try to understand what Ohm’s Law is and how spinning a magnet creates electricity), Basic Math (we learned how to add and subtract numbers on the first day. It is extremely basic but it is important and we are already talking about algebra on day 3), and Safety (learning how to put out fires, read Material Safety Data Sheets, and how to handle aircraft).

So far, I am having a blast. When we have extra time during the day we get to practice drilling out rivets on a wing from a crashed airplane.

Just in case you haven’t heard, JESSICA IS PREGNANT WITH OUR SECOND CHILD!!! She is having a rough time with the morning sickness and it seems to last all day. However, we are extremely excited and can’t wait to invite the little squirt into our family. Adelina doesn’t have any concept about her mother being pregnant, but we asked her what we should call the new baby since we call her “Lil Bit”. She looked at Jess and said, “Po-Po”, which means poo-poo. We might not take her advice!

We visited a church this past weekend and we liked it quite a lot. The message was very timely and we were encouraged, convicted, and filled with the fear of the Lord. We are going to visit one or two more before we decide where we feel God is leading our family to grow, fellowship, and serve.

Thank you so much for journeying with us for this next year. Your support and prayers mean so much to us! God has been so good thus far and we know that He will continue to carry us on!

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray that the morning sickness would be gone soon and that God would give her the strength to stay positive.
  2. Pray that we would find a great church home.
  3. Pray that we would make the most of our time here in Michigan and pour our lives out for the glory of God
Jess and Lina playing on the table made by FarFar (Phil's Grandfather)


There is a season, turn, turn, turn…

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.

– Ecclesiastes 3:1 –

School begins this week. 0 hours down and 1900 to go before Phil is qualified to become a FAA-certified A & P Mechanic. (A & P stands for Airframe & Powerplant) It is an intense program. Most A & P programs take 2 years to complete, but this program will be done in twelve months.

We’ve had quite a bit of loose ends to tie up as we’ve secured some of our belongings with family, set up a new place to live, and made preparations for this upcoming season in Michigan. I don’t know about you, but when I am in a season of change, I find myself reflecting a great deal on the season behind me. Phil and I have been reflecting with tremendous fondness on the people, moments, and gestures of kindess that mark the season we are presently walking out of. We realize that we are standing of the shoulders of others; people who have prayed, loved, given, packed boxes, and made sacrifices.

We have a friend, Candi, who loves to say, “Make it count!” When she is sending college students on a mission trip or commissioning a graduate to live well, she urges them, “Make it count!” What she means is, make the most of your time, relationships, dreams, gifts, and money. Use it all up on the Kingdom. Spend yourself on others in such an extravagant way that Father God will be pleased. For we know that to live is Christ, and do die is gain.

In this season we find ourselves hopeful. We are hopeful that the Lord will help us make it count! We desire to serve, love, learn, and give so well that Father God will be pleased. As we do, we hope that we will bring honor, joy, and blessing to the people who are holding us up.

Please pray for us in this direction and as you think about the people God has strategically placed in your sphere of influence consider how you might…make it count!

The Long and Winding Road…

Don't you just love moving!!!

BAM!!! The tire popped right next to my ear!

I had just left after unloading the truck in our new place in Ionia, MI. I was driving to drop off a few things at my folks’ in North Carolina when I noticed that the trailer had a flat tire. I had already driven through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and some of Michigan and the trailer decided to get a flat tire. A road side assistance company had already checked the tire and couldn’t find any problems. After switching out the valve stem, my tire was going flat once more. I decided to refill the tire every 100 miles to try to make it to North Carolina and deal with it there.

On the third refill stop, the sidewall of the tire popped and I thought something had exploded nearby. Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt!!!

The tire was fixed and it turned out that the metal wheel was to blame! I drove into the night and arrived in North Carolina a little after 1 am. I met Jessica and Adelina, who were both already asleep. We had completed our move!!!

We are now recovering from our move and spending some time with my family before we begin the long year in Michigan. This year will be spent learning how to fix airplanes, growing closer as a family, preparing ourselves for missionary life, learning how to thrive in a new location, and hopefully spending a little time flying airplanes for hire!

Please pray for us as we…

  1. Look for a church where we can fellowship, grow, and serve.
  2. Start school and learn about where we are living.
  3. Desire to be a blessing and a light to the people at the school and the apartment complex where we are living.

Thank you so much and God Bless!!!