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Back in Reno


Commissioned by the President
Commissioned by the President

We completed all of our Standardization and Orientation Training with Mission Aviation Fellowship and have returned to Reno, NV to finish packing for life overseas, to spend time at our home church before they send us out, and to say our goodbyes. It was a bittersweet ending to our time at MAF. One the one hand, we crossed another training hurdle as we prepare to serve overseas. On the other hand, this was the last place we would spend more than 4 consecutive weeks until we reach language school in Salatiga, Indonesia. Our schedule is a bit busy, if you haven’t had a chance to see it, but we know it is going to be an awesome summer and an amazing adventure. Here is what we will be up to the next few months…

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MAF’s Technical Standardization culminates with a trip to the Idaho backcountry to a ranch located on the Salmon River. Allison Ranch was purchased in 1971 to serve as a Christian Retreat Center. All of the buildings are made from trees that have fallen in the surrounding forest. There is a saw mill on the property and the caretakers are extremely handy. There is a staircase made from a single tree trunk that was cut using a jig. The ranch is powered by a stream that flows down the mountain. We had occasional brown outs but the power was mostly reliable. The food was excellent and made from scratch, and the hospitality was as good as it gets. The Salmon River provided a soothing background for our restful nights of sleep.

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