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Cliff jumping and Gospel Living

When I was in college (and for a year and a half after I graduated) I was part of the coolest campus ministry ever. Each weekend we spent our time hiking, rock-climbing, camping, exploring and cliff jumping the hills and dells of rugged northern Arizona. Under the incredible leadership of our campus pastor and his wife, somehow, each of these adventures led us on an even greater adventure for the soul. Every Friday night about 70 students gathered together in an Engineering building and sat at the feet of a man profoundly gifted to preach the Word of God and our hearts were gripped, forever changed. We learned that the single greatest use of our time is with people; that the heart of God is ever and always for relationships. We learned to give up our small (worldly) ambitions and to dream crazy God-sized dreams. Instead of a life spent in pursuit of self-comfort, self-pleasure, and self-centeredness we were encouraged to pour ourselves out in radical devotion to a King most High. As Phil and I sat there, young, but truly white hot in love with Jesus we decided we were all in. Although we both were doing well as pilots and Aeronautical Science majors, we decided to start dreaming and pursuing a life totally set-apart for Christ. And that is what drew us to each other.

Phil in Zion National Park
Phil and I hiking in Sedona with some friends just one month before he asked me to be his girl.

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Amazing Things…


Somedays, do you just wake up and think, “God, you have done amazing things!”?  It’s been like that for us the last two weeks or so and we’re reminded, once again of the bigness, the kindness, and the goodness of God.  He’s like that, you know?

This is Jess and I’m writing to you from our air conditioned bedroom in our new Tarakan house.  The house is, of course, not new.  Only, new to us.  It belonged to at least two other MAF families (and good friends) before us and I think a total of 5 babies were brought home to this house.  (Somehow missions work and childbearing years seem to line up for many of us.)  The house is lovely.  Simple.  Comfortable.  Cute.  And, roasting-make-you-wanna-climb-inside-your-freezer hot.  So hot, in fact, that I’ve developed three random new habits (in addition to occasionally hiding in my air conditioned bedroom) which are: putting my Burt’s Bees facial wipes in the refrigerator so I can wipe the sweat off my face after cooking supper (the hottest part of the day) just before Phil comes home and still kind of feel like a girl.  Second, is taking cold showers.  On purpose.  And the third is an unending slake for ice cubes. Continue reading Amazing Things…