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Flight Training…

Cessna Stationair N5119X

It has begun. I have started the flight portion of Standardization! What a ride.

2 flights down and it is has been a lot to learn. We have done some flight drag exercises where I learn what power setting is required to maintain level flight at 80 knots and then 60 knots. I also learn how to maintain level at 80 knots with 20 degrees of flaps, also called the “terrain set-up.”. The main reason for this is MAF flies in terrain at 80 knots and 20 degrees of flaps. MAF does this because it allows for the best degree of margin concerning turn radius. Basically, you can make a tighter turn when flying at 80 knots than you can when flying at cruise speed (120 knots). We practiced our “terrain set-up” and did turns at 45 degrees of bank. This is pretty steep but we are practicing getting out of a canyon that may be closed off due to clouds or some other obstruction. We are trying to turn in a minimum radius and get out to a safe place!

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We are here in Nampa, ID and we have finished our first week of Standardization. What is Standardization? Glad you asked. Standardization is MAF’s process through which they teach you how they fix and fly airplanes, which means how I will now fix and fly airplanes! MAF has a long, proven track record and they have developed standards by which they expect their pilot/mechanics to fix and fly.

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