Ride Along


Jessica, Solomon, and Eli had to go on a surprise trip to Jakarta to renew Jessica’s passport, which left me flying solo with Adelina and Jeremiah. I was planning to take Friday off to hang out with the kiddos, but we had a request for a medical flight and it would greatly help out another pilot who was trying to fill a second medical request. Then, someone mentioned I could take my kids along since the flight wouldn’t be full. Sounds like a plan!

So, Adelina and Jeremiah got to go on their first MAF flights with their dad. They were so excited! When I picked them up on Thursday and told them they were going to go on a flight, they couldn’t wait for Friday. I had told Adelina about eating monkey a few months back and she has asked about getting to go to the village so she can try it too. Turns out, we were going to be going to that same village and that news just increased her excitement.

Friday morning rolled around and they packed up their backpacks. They each brought some snacks and a water bottle and we headed to the airport. There was a little disappointed that it took Dad 30 minutes to get the plane ready, but they hung in there. Then, we had to stop at the little kiddo’s room because there isn’t one on our little planes…yet. But, we finally started up the engine and they were amazed at everything. They loved using the headsets. Jeremiah kept asking, “Can you hear me?” I gave Adelina my phone so she could take pictures and J got to hold on to my binoculars. When we took off, I heard Adelina say, “There we go. We took off, J.” They kept telling me how much they loved flying.


10 minutes later it was time for some quick thinking. It wasn’t quite “Are we there yet” time, but we were getting close. The flight was going to be 60 minutes long. So, we played guessing games about animals and I Spy. (This was tough since they were sitting well below the window and could basically see only clouds and sky) I finally reached back for the phone and set them up with a movie (without sound) for the last 25 minutes of the flight.


We arrived in a village called Long Bawan, loaded up with another passenger, and left for Binuang. Upon arrival, we unloaded and everyone was excited to meet some of my kids. There were about 10-15 children from the village all huddled together. They were too shy to come close, but they were all staring and laughing. My friend, Kalvin, who fed me the last time I came through, met me at the plane and I asked him if he had seen any monkeys lately. He said his friend had caught one just the other day! It was a baby monkey. We weren’t going to eat monkeys, but at least we could see one! We walked to his house and he brought the monkey out so we could see it and pet it. The kids were stoked. Then, Kalvin said, “He wants to give it to you. Do you want it?” Hmmmmm. Good question. My first thought was, “Yes.” My second thought was, “Where would I put it?” The overriding thought was, “What would Jessica say?” Without being rude, I explained that I didn’t have a place to keep the monkey, but I would ask my wife about it. (Yeah, you could guess how that went over with Jess!)


It began to rain so we ran to Kalvin’s house and he offered us fried bananas and warm tea. Jeremiah, who had eaten his snack in the first 10 minutes of the flight and then kept asking for something else to eat, just about devoured half the container. His mouth and hands were covered in the red seasoning they put on the bananas. The kids had a blast watching the rain and just hanging out in the house. Jeremiah sat on my lap almost the entire time and Adelina kept sneaking over the kitchen to see what the ladies were doing. We got a chance to try on a traditional Dayak hat (with a long feather and a monkey skull on it) and a bone necklace made of snake vertebrae and wild boar tusks. (see below) After eating a little lunch, the rain stopped and we loaded up the plane. It turned out that the medical flight had been cancelled and a new flight had been ordered, so we had to make a stop on the way home.


We returned home without a hitch and it was such a fun day for all of us. The kids got to fly in the plane, pet a monkey, hold a puppy, eat all sorts of new and yummy treats in Binuang, and then we came home and I made pizza for dinner! And let me tell you, it was some of the best pizza I have every made. I had lugged 6 lbs of mozzarella back from the US, not to mentioned some linguisa (a Portuguese sausage), as well as plenty of other cheese and it helped make some awesome pizza. The kids even said it was the best pizza ever! Who am I to complain?


Jessica had quite the time in Jakarta. It was no small feat to travel 2 out of 3 days, as well as visit the US embassy in Jakarta, not to mention the fact that she had an infant and a toddler! But, she made it back to us with a few goodies as well. The only problem now is that she seems to have contracted a pretty bad bug. We are hoping and praying for the best, but she is showing signs of Dengue Fever. Indonesians refer to this as Break-Bone Fever because it makes your bones ache like crazy, along with some other rough symptoms. Please pray for Jessica when you think about us. She was in bed most of the day and the sickness is getting worse. Please pray that God would heal her tonight!!!

Thank you and we love you all. God bless!



7 thoughts on “Ride Along

  1. Will be praying for Jessica. Not fun, especially with 4 little kids. God’s blessings and protection on you Phil and your lovely family.

  2. Wow! What a missionary experience for your whole family! Please rest assured Phil that Pacita and I will surely keep you all in our thoughts and prayers especially Jessica’s quick and full recovery. God bless you all and take care always! -Rey

  3. I am praying for miracle for Jess may God wrap his arms around her and give her peace in body and strength and health 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Phil, you and your family are just so beautiful! God bless you all! I will be praying for healing for Jessica too! Pizza looks delish too!

  5. What a memorable adventure for you, Adelina and J! So glad. Praying much for Jessica! We’ve had Dengue and it is NOT fun, and yes, you feel like your bones are breaking, and your muscles ache down to your very eye-muscles. Praying it will be a short-lived cycle.


  6. So heartwarming to see Adelina and Jeremiah share in adventures with their Dad! Prayers go up to heaven for dear Jessica for complete healing and recovery. God bless your family Phil and Jess!

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