When Are You Leaving?


Birthday Boy

Great question!!!

Our original, planned departure date was July 9th. As you may be aware, this date has passed and we are still in the US. The reason for this is we are waiting for Eli Crew’s visa. No one was planning for it to take this long, but we have hope that it will be resolved soon. The life of working overseas is always filled with the unexpected. This is probably why we learned early on to be F.A.T. (Flexible, Available, and Teachable) We’ve got the flexible part down, but it sure does take its toll.

Therefore, we would love to invite you to be in prayer for Eli’s visa! We have enjoyed our time in the US but we long to go “home” and get back to our work with MAF. Pray that the visa comes soon, pray for sweet times as a family before we return, and please pray for a smooth transition as I gear back up to fix and fly while Jess gets ready to teach 1st grade!


So, what else have we been up to?

Well, we have been spending a lot of time doing all of our favorite things here in Reno. We have visited Whole Foods and Trader Joes so much that we are pretty much on a first name basis with the staff. We have gone up to Lake Tahoe and done a few nice hikes around the area. We have visited with family from Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and California.

One of the best parts of being home is getting to reconnect with supporters and friends. It is amazing to see all of the men and women who have faithfully come around our family and loved us from afar. It was so much fun to host a small gathering at a local park and just spend time with some friends. It was also a blessing to sit down with a LIFE! Group filled with men and women who’s combined time of serving the Lord is over 250 years (give or take a few). They asked some of the best questions and we always leave feeling loved and encouraged. We even had some close friends surprise us over the 4th of July and drive up from SoCal to spend the weekend with us. It has also been a blessing to reconnect with our home church and get to know some of the new staff. Things are always changing, but it is nice to know that it is still home!

Lastly, we just want to say thank you for your patience and faithfulness. We know you all are excited to see us back in Indonesia. We know you are looking forward to hearing more stories about how God is working in and through us to serve the people of Indonesia. God is working things out in His timing, but we are chomping at the bit. When that call comes, you will be the first to know! Thanks so much and God bless!

How is it that kids instinctively know it is cool to be a superhero and wear a cape?




2 thoughts on “When Are You Leaving?

  1. Thanks for the update. We are praying for God’s perfect timing. I hope you’ve been able to reconnect at Summit with folks also. Hope your mom is doing well also. Hugs!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Will be praying for the visa but loving the beauty of your family here in Reno 🙂

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