Borneo Solo


Last week, I finished the beginning portion of my field check out and was cleared for my first solo. The flight kept getting pushed back because of different maintenance issues, but we finally got them all resolved and I was all set to solo on Friday. My first load was a pair of motorcycles and a ~150 kg of stuff in boxes. (The Cessna 206 is quite the work horse!)

The flight day was smooth and relatively uneventful. Instead of telling you about it, I will let you watch some of it!


After returning back to Tarakan in the afternoon, I was greeting by the MAF team in Tarakan. I shut down the plane and the kids attacked me with water balloons and squirt guns! A couple of the guys had made sure to put ice in all of the water and the office staff elected to use old coke from the fridge. (Turns out that coke burns when you get it in your eye!!!) After my ceremonial “shower”, the chief pilot officially attached pilot bars to my shirt and declared me fit for service! Now, it’s time to learn and serve on my own! All glory to God!



2 thoughts on “Borneo Solo

  1. Ha ha! Praise the Lord! You are such a boss Phil! Flight looked amazing. Such a beautiful place to work everyday! You are blessed to have such a wonderful wife and kids who take joy and celebrate life’s achievements with you!

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