When Overwhelmed


There have been a few situations and happenings in our world today that have the ability to overwhelm me. When I think about the number of abortions that happen every year, I feel overwhelmed. When I consider the number of people who live on this planet who don’t know Jesus as Lord, I feel overwhelmed. Shucks, when I think about the responsibility God has given Jessica and I to raise our three precious children, I feel overwhelmed. You know, I don’t think there is anything wrong with feeling overwhelmed. However, the crux of the issue is what we do with those situations and overwhelming ideas. 

I am reading a book by Eric & Leslie Ludy called, “Wrestling Prayer.” In one of the chapters, Eric writes about how there have been many men who have faced overwhelming odds and circumstances, and they responded to these circumstances with prayer. I had to sit back and think about the things that overwhelm me. What is my reaction to these things? Unfortunately, I often let the magnitude of the situations wash over me, wave after wave, without much thought to those things being broken or changed. I see the events and actions as inevitable and don’t allow God to stir up my faith through prayer.

You see, we all have these giants, these “Goliaths” in our lives. Many of us, myself included, cower like the Israelites instead of standing up and facing the giants in the power of the Lord. The things I consider overwhelming are NOTHING compared to the power and might of the Lord. We can accomplish so much through prayer. Imagine what would happen if we dedicated time, every day, to praying against one of the things that overwhelms us. If I truly believe that God answers prayers, if I truly believe that the prayers of a righteous man are effective, then why do I allow anything to overwhelm me? I am through with feeling overwhelmed by sin, injustice, or any other attack of the enemy. I am determined to fall to my knees when overwhelmed. The beautiful thing is that when I come to the end of myself, when I admit that I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of something, then God sees me come humbly to His throne, begging that He act on our behalf because we are powerless. I hope and pray that I, along with many other men and women, will see God move in mighty ways and work a new revival because His people set it in their hearts to pray!



We are working through a very busy time here in Salatiga. We are finishing up Unit 8, we both prepared and preached sermons in the chapel service at school, we are reading a book in Indonesian for school, I am preparing to take 2 written tests (one for my pilot’s license and one for my mechanic’s license), we are going to be the lead speakers at a middle school/high school retreat, we just welcomed a new family to Salatiga, and we are planning our move to Tarakan in a little more than a month. Busy, yes. Excited, yes. Happy, yes.

In the midst of it all, we are still doing what we can to have fun and explore the island of Java before it becomes just one of many places we used to call home! We drove with the kids up to a mountain pass between two volcanoes, one of which just so happens to be the most active volcano on the planet. Mt. Merapi, unlike most every other volcano, doesn’t share a lava pool with any other volcano. It has its own lake of molten rock that loves to find its way to the surface every 5 years or so and add another layer of fertile soil to its sides and base. Anyways, there is a beautiful waterfall near this mountain pass and we traveled there as a family and spent some time playing in the creek above the waterfall and having a lovely picnic. The kids had so much fun climbing over the rocks and we all wanted to stay for the entire day. Unfortunately, mom and dad had sermons to write, but we all had a great time and are planning when we can go back for one more jaunt in the creek.

We continue to enjoy good health and great times together. We are blessed to be serving here in Indonesia and we pray that we can pour into the relationships we have built here in Salatiga a little more before we move to Tarakan in September. Thank you ever so much for your prayers for our family. God continues to be faithful and we are looking forward to our move for many reasons. We can’t wait to be in a house we can call home, hopefully for a full 2 1/2 years (which is something that hasn’t happened since we got married almost 11 years ago). We are also excited for me to start flying and fixing while Jess gets to pour herself into home-school and setting up the house to make it a home. Thanks for being part of the adventure! May God bless you!









4 thoughts on “When Overwhelmed

  1. Phil, that is so honestly written. We all get overwhelmed at times, even at our time of life, but yes, we need to get on our knees to the Maker of the universe. Love you.

  2. Continued prayers. Can’t imagine being in a place that is so foreign to you. Building friendships, growing deeper in relationship with our Heavenly Father, finding out how trustworthy He is. Hard, but good. Growing pains. But in everything, He is there. Always. Much blessings from Him today. Love you.

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