How To Grieve

It is a difficult thing to experience; grief. It often comes unexpected but it can be lying around, waiting to mature for days, weeks, years. But, when it strikes, it must be experienced in order to find healing. Grief never looks the same, nor is it experienced in the same way even by the same individual. Grief is difficult but it can also be good. It isn’t bad to experience grief, for to attempt to sneak past or ignore will only fester and turn the hoping heart sour. No, grief must be acknowledged, faced, and experienced before healing can come and hope can spring afresh.

I have been challenged as we have faced the unfortunate event of an empty pregnancy. It is so easy to look for cheap comfort to distract or dull the sadness and pain. There was such excitement and hope as everything seemed to line up perfectly with our desire for more children and language school ending a month before! Now, as I face the facts, I know that I must experience the grief and share my pain with God. This is certainly not a time for a pity-party or any kind of “poor me” conversation. We know we are blessed. We know of God’s love and great care for us. But, while a pity-party is not a good idea, neither is denying the pain and hurt, or just trying to mask it with food or entertainment.

I actually appreciate the way we see many people in biblical times experiencing grief. They tore their clothes, put on burlap sacks, cover their heads with ashes, and wept! They didn’t pretend they didn’t feel pain or sadness. They didn’t sugar-coat their grief. In some ways, they even intensified their grief and allowed God to minister to them. After all, He is the God of comfort! I don’t think I need to tear my clothes especially since I only have a limited amount of clothes that fit here, and I don’t need to go search out a neighbor burning leaves so I can smother ashes all over myself. But, we are doing our best to walk through the grief and allow God to be our comforter. As I have been doing this, I feel such a great sense of peace and even hope. I certainly can’t explain why and I almost feel like I should feel sadder than I do, but I am hopeful. I know who God is. I don’t know the plan and I don’t need to know the plan. I know the Architect and, since He can be trusted, I willingly follow and will let Him take care of the plans!

Thank you so much, one and all, for all of your prayers for our family. We can’t thank you enough for all of the prayers you have lifted up to our Father on our behalf. This is the reason we are making it through this process. The routine of life in Salatiga has been soothing. Many of our friends have gathered around us and made us meals and muffins. It has been such a blessing. We started Unit 5 and it has been a blessing because it is actually a little easier than the previous unit! (Or, maybe it just seems this way because we are starting to learn the language!!!) The kids are doing well and they are excited for the upcoming season of birthdays!

Thank you so much for your love and support! God bless you as you have been a blessing to us!

Please continue to pray for our ministry in Indonesia and for the precious relationships we are building.  We are honored to serve in this country and we are honored to have YOU on our team!

Our team in Salatiga with the MAF team in Jakarta
Our team in Salatiga with the MAF team in Jakarta
Flowers sent from our home church, Summit Christian Church
Flowers sent from our home church, Summit Christian Church

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