Unit 1 Selesai

Yes, Jeremiah always puts his shoes on the opposite feet. Not wrong…different!

Yay!!! We have finished Unit 1. One down, eight to go!!!

Jessica and I completed our examination this morning. Our examiners told both of us that we are doing well which is a praise and a blessing. We pray that we will continue to learn and grow in our speaking and understanding ability. Now, we have a few days off until we begin Unit 2 this Friday.

Some of the things we have learned are:

  • How to introduce ourselves and our families
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Numbers
  • Days of the week
  • How to ask questions for better understanding
  • How to learn new words and phrases

All in all, we are feeling very good about our language acquisition and we are looking forward to progressing!

On Saturday, Jessica had a fun cultural experience with the other ladies in our class along with some of the female teachers. They loaded up in two cars and drove to the city of Solo. It is a larger city about an hour away. They first went to a Batik Museum. Batik is a fashion indigenous to Indonesia and Solo is the Batik capitol. Batik is an intricate design on shirts, blouses, dresses, bags, and all manner of clothing. Many people wear Batik and Jessica had a fun time learning about the history. Different styles and designs have different purposes or meanings.  It’s truly fascinating. Some well-meaning tourists have purchased Batik clothing only to find out later that the design they are wearing is specifically for a burial occasion. You have to be careful because you don’t want to wear a funeral shirt to a wedding!!!


Each piece of Batik is very intricate and it usually takes a couple months to complete a single piece. The reason for this is that there are certain cities or provinces that specialize in different colors. Each pigment is taken from a natural source. The design will be sketched on the cloth. Then, certain areas will be covered with a wax to protect it from being colored by the pigment being used to color another part. The pieces are sent around the island of Java in order for the pattern to be completed. Jessica purchased a few things for herself and Adelina. They look lovely and it’s a nice way to celebrate the people and the culture in which we serve.

We are looking to enjoy our time off. We might go and explore one of the mountains around here. I might take a trip to Semarang (a larger city) and see if I can watch a movie with some guys. On Thursday, another expat family has offered to watch our kids so we might get a date night!!! WAHOO!!!

We made a short thank you/update video for our home church. You can watch it here https://vimeo.com/111408321

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers! We are well by the grace of God. He continues to sustain us each day. We are reminded each day of His goodness. He is faithful and good. We pray that each of you, in your respective ministries, would know His goodness in deep and true ways.

DSC_0921 IMG_0494 IMG_0485 IMG_0505 IMG_0499


One thought on “Unit 1 Selesai

  1. Phil,

    It’s always so encouraging to read your blogs and see God’s faithfulness lived out in your lives. We love being a part of your team. Thanks for the oppotunity.

    Ric & Carol

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