Blessed To Be A Blessing

Little Brothers

We as Christians have received the greatest gift of all. We have been given freedom from sin. We have been given a new life. We have been blessed beyond measure. Now, the trick is turning around and being a blessing to others! We are called to “lose our lives” (Matthew 10:39) for the sake of God and pour ourselves out to love others. We have been given so we may in turn give. 

Jessica and I are doing our best to build relationships and love people here in Indonesia because of all God has done for us. We hope to love the Indonesians and the other missionaries who are sacrificing so much to be here. We know we won’t always get everything right, but we are excited to pour out as much as we can so that Christ may be lifted high here in Indonesia.


We finished our third week of language school (my how the time has flown) and had a great weekend to top things off. Friday night was movie night, complete with pizza and popcorn! Before movie night, Adelina had a friend over and they made merengue cookies with a strawberry and whipped cream filling. They were absolutely delicious. Adelina’s friend is named Esther. She is a precious little girl whose parents work at the International School. She loves playing with our kids and has been a huge help some weekends at church.


On Saturday, Jessica invited all of the female teachers over for a play-date. They all brought their children and we had a wonderful time. There were muffins and iced tea. The kids had a wonderful time coloring, rolling in our large inflatable ball, playing with the parachute, and shooting the foam bows and arrows. It was a great way to hang out with some of our teachers from school and get to know them in a little different context. We hope to be an encouragement to them and to show them how much they mean to us. It may seem like their job is mundane, simply teaching missionaries how to speak bahasa Indonesia, but it is a vital ministry for many missionary organizations. They are preparing each of us missionaries to speak the language so we can be effective in sharing our love, our lives, and the gospel as well!


On Sunday, we had a restful day at the house. We worshipped and danced in our living room and did a devotion as a family. The kids have been learning some Bible verses out of the AWANA handbook (Thanks Dan and Karla) and Adelina loves to dance along with Jana Alayra via YouTube!!! After this, I fixed our leaky bathroom sink and we played around the house. We were hoping to attend an Indonesian church but all of the kids have been a little sick and Solomon is cutting 8 teeth…all at the same time! After our family time, we played at home and ate our dinner on the front porch!

Let's hear it for AWANA!!!
Let’s hear it for AWANA!!!

We are still doing well. (We would tell you if we weren’t!) We are all getting over a minor cold. Jessica and I are excited to be almost done with our first unit of language learning. In some ways I am still overwhelmed with how many words I don’t know. In other ways, I am amazed after I finish a conversation and realize I wasn’t speaking in English and we both completely (or almost completely) understood one another!!! As they say in bahasa Indonesia, sedikit demi sedikit. “Little by little.”

Thank you so much. We are blessed to be here. God has been good and gracious (as per usual) and we look forward to what this next week will bring! Stay tuned!!!

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3 thoughts on “Blessed To Be A Blessing

  1. Hi guys…I praise God for you… for His faithfulness and loving kindness being expressed through you. Thank you for sharing the words you are learning. I’m going to try to work on the ones you share. Today, it’s the “little by little.” Don’t know how to spell the words, but hopefully by this evening I will. Praying for and you family. Blessings. Marie

  2. “Little by little,” is a great phrase for you to remember as tou become accustomed to living in Indonesia. We are praying for you!

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