Finding a Groove


One of the best things we can do for our ministry effectiveness and wellness is to find a groove, a routine that makes our lives a bit predictable. I love spontaneity more than most, but a well-organized schedule is a blessing that makes the spontaneous even more enjoyable! Here is a little look into our groove!

– We usually wake up around 4:30-5:00 am and have our daily devotions and maybe a little exercise. Jessica has chosen to start her days mainly with Indonesian Tea or sometimes coffee, and I usually go for the coconut green tea from Trader Joe’s that we brought from the US.

– The Kids usually wake up around 6:00-6:30 (though J loves to sleep past 7:00 most days!) and we give them milk and try to help them wake up slow.

– Around 7:00, we usually say, “What are we doing? We have to get ready for school!!!” Then, we rush around eating breakfast (scrambled eggs, toast, corn flakes, granola, or oatmeal) and try to get the kids dressed before we head out the door at 7:45!

– We take the scooter to school and drop Adelina and Jeremiah off at their school. Then, we scoot over to IMLAC for our language study.

– We start our day giving our Pengalaman (or daily experience) from the previous day. We write about our daily interactions with Indonesians and then read them to the class. Then, we go over the text we will study for the day. We make sure we understand the words we are using and when we would use the phrases. These first weeks have been basic texts, such as “Who’s car is that?” “What does she do for work?” “Where is the store?” and so on.

– After this, we go from room to room with different teachers and work on things such as pronunciation, vocabulary, substituting different words in the text, and trying to use the text in a simulated conversation. It is nice because it keeps the day fresh and we are compiling huge lists of vocabulary words! (Truth be told, I need to stop compiling and start memorizing!!!)

– After school, we usually come home and each lunch. When the kids take their naps Jessica and I try to use this down time to get our homework done. We are supposed to go out into the community and speak with Indonesians and practice the day’s lesson. We are meeting a lot of new people and these times help cement the language into our brains!

– After we finish our home work, run errands, or perhaps catch a quick nap we will do something together as a family. Sometimes we stay home and play in the yard. Sometimes we go to the International School to play at the park or swim in the pool. As we make closer friendships with Indonesians, we hope to incorporate them into this fun time too.

– We try to eat dinner at home but we sometimes go out to a local restaurant. There are a few restaurants owned by westerners and we can even get pizza here! Most places serve fresh juice and we usually drink it in less time than it takes to make it! The juice is especially refreshing as we are still adapting to the heat here.

– After dinner, we spend some more time playing and then we bathe the kids, read books, have a worship dance party, read the Bible, or just spend time together. This last week, Solomon walked for the first time during our evening together! This is usually our favorite part of the day.

– After the kids go to bed, we may spend time talking with our neighbors or simply writing our Pengalaman for the next day!

After a hard days work, our sleep is sweet!


We had a fun party last Friday. Jessica hosted a party to celebrate Fall (though we won’t see many of the Fall things we are accustomed to seeing) and we had four other families over. We set up an obstacle course, one lady read a book about jack-o-lanterns and how God scoops all the yucky stuff out of us so we can shine for the world to see, Jessica made pumpkin chocolate chip bread, we had pumpkin donuts, bobbing for apples, and we finished the night off with Satay! What more could we ask for?!?!


Thank you so much for sharing this adventure with us! We have one prayer request this week. We are looking at putting Adelina into a Christian pre-school/kindergarten. We want her to learn to speak some Indonesian and we have found a great school. We are trying it out this week. We are aware that our daughter has gone through so many transitions already and we don’t want to make things too difficult. She would be leaving her new ex-pat friends and having to make new friends for the school day. However, we also think that this could be a great opportunity to learn the language as well as get ready to start home school next year. Please pray that we would have wisdom and make the best decision for her development.

Thank you so much and Happy Fall!!!






2 thoughts on “Finding a Groove

  1. Hello Vana Family! Had a funny thing happen at church this weekend. A mom came up to me and said, “Isaac (her son) got someone else’s Bible by mistake – do you know who it belongs to?” Well, guess whose it was? It was yours! It had your kids’ names in it! So I told her it belonged to you and she said, “We’ll keep it, it will be a good reminder to pray for them.” If the Bible is sentimental for some reason, let me know and I can get it and mail it to you otherwise it is now a permanent pray reminder! Love to you all!

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