Getting Settled



What an awesome and crazy week we have had. Let me see if I can wrap it up for you.

After traveling for over 30 hours with stops in Seattle and Taipei, we landed in Jakarta on October 4th and were driven to the MAF guest house in Jakarta. The guest house is a quiet, restful place that provided a soft place to land. We spent two days getting used to Indonesia time (no, we are not quite on track just yet) and meeting some new friends. Jonathan and Cindee Raney met at us the airport and they are our point of contact/bosses in Jakarta. They are a sweet couple who have served with MAF for over 20 years. They are both MK’s of parents who served in Indonesia, which is really cool. How amazing would it be if one of our kids grew up to serve as a missionary, let alone one with MAF. We also spent time with Ashley Greenwald (who is having a baby in Jakarta) and Joy Neal (who is hanging out with Ashley’s son Cade while the Greenwald’s get used to the new baby.


While in Jakarta we visited the MAF Jakarta office, set up our new phones, and visited a huge mall for a dinner out. The most interesting thing we saw was a man holding a goat like a little baby and driving his scooter down the busy streets of Jakarta. We had a great time with our kids getting to play with two other MK’s, Cade Greenwald and Anders Neal. We sent most of our heavy bags to Salatiga by land. After our two days in Jakarta we flew out on Saturday, October 6th on a domestic flight to Semarang. After landing in Semarang, we gave our passports to a gentleman who would take care of our immigration/visa paperwork (yes, it was a little unnerving to hand our passports to a man we have never met before, but we know they are in safe hands) and took a bus to Salatiga. We saw a countless number of rice paddies and finally came to rest at our new home in Salatiga. The whole MAF Salatiga team was waiting for us on the front porch. We were greeted with hugs, smiles, freshly cut papaya and watermelon, freshly baked banana muffins, and some great friends.

Our New House
Our New House

Now we have been unpacking our bags and waiting for the rest to arrive from Jakarta. We have moved some furniture around and have the kids rooms ready to go. We are learning quickly not to leave food out for any period of time or else the ants will find them. I have also learned not to worry about the quick-moving geckos who come out at night. I have only found one cockroach and it was legs up outside the kids room. I squashed it with a shoe anyways and then threw it away.

We went to church on Sunday and got through the worship before our kids needed to sleep. Our landlord/neighbor/gardener lives in a house on our left. His name is Pak (Mr.) Jono and his wife is Ibu (Mrs.) Kasam. They have a small shop at their house where they sell eggs, flour, sugar, honey, and a few other household items. They also have goats in their backyard that sound like people yelling when they choose to make noise. We have heard great things about this family and hope we can be a blessing to them as we know they will bless us with language help and many other things. We ate supper at a great restaurant with our MAF friends here in Salatiga. It was the perfect restaurant! It serves American, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian food. And yes, it is delicious! Best of all, it has a huge room with toys and a slides where all of the kids can play while the adults talk. What a blessing.


Today, we have had a busy day. We spent time doing some basic orientation with Jeremiah and Mindy Hartin as well as Jonathan and Cindee Raney, we moved furniture around (and I got a cut on my nose from a loose slat in one of the beds), and all of our luggage from Jakarta just pulled up in the driveway! We are blessed to be here and are eager to learn our way around and start learning as much as we can about the language and culture of Indonesia.


Thank you so much for all of your prayers. Our travels were fairly uneventful and we are getting used to some things already. There is still a lot of adjusting to do and we would ask that you continue to pray for us and this time of getting settled. Everyone is healthy at the moment and we have a great team supporting us and showing us the ropes. We are blessed.

If you would like to send us a text or even try to give us a call, the best way for this to happen is for you to download the Viber app on your iPhone or Android device. It allows us to talk or text over the internet, aka FREE! If you want to add me on your contacts, open Viber and go to “Add Contacts” and then scan my QR code below. It is as easy as that!





6 thoughts on “Getting Settled

  1. So glad you have arrived safely, happily, and that you are all healthy and settling in. I know you will be a blessing to everyone you come in contact with and they will all love you, just like we do! : ) God continue to watch over you, be near to you, give you wisdom, understanding, favor, peace, health… would He fill your days with joy, fun, love, friends, strength, His Spirit, anticipation of all He has for you, and would your nights be restful and refreshing.
    Thinking of you, praying for you, inspired by you always…
    Much love,

    1. Phil, Jess and family so pleased you’re in Indonesia and the flight went well. You are in our prayers we love you guys. Dan and Vicky Neesby

  2. Welcome!!
    You are already missed but we’re so proud of you and your faithfulness.
    Stay happy, healthy, and in touch.
    Lisa S

  3. I am glad to see you are in your new home, Gods grace to you guys and your endeavours, your kids are growing up to fast and Phil who hit you on the bridge of your nose lol. Peace

    Joe & Juli

  4. I have absolutely loved watching and praying you all thru this process …. not that you have “ARRIVED” yet … but you have arrived on a different continent finally. I so appreciate how you and your family has kept focused and on the path to get you right where you are. I so appreciate that I can be a part of this journey with you in prayer! What a fabulous opportunity to touch the world … I mean the other side of the world too!!! Ditto – Pam’s fabulous words and prayer,

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