We’re Off


It has begun!

We are here in the SeaTac airport trying to get a little sleep before the long flight to Taiwan. We still have a bit of traveling ahead of us but we go with the Lord and the love of so many dear friends and family. We are sad to be leaving so many loved ones but we are excited about the adventure ahead.

We wanted to let you all know that we will be able to get messages on Facebook and we will be setting up some other communication tools. We will spend the first two days in Jakarta getting “connected” and ready to do life in Indonesia. We will keep you updated on how you can get in touch with us, or even just send us a quick text! Stayed tuned!

If you’re having trouble sleeping or find yourself thinking about us in the next day and half, then it must mean you should pray for us! Please pray for smooth travel with the kiddos, an easy time getting through the Jakarta airport with all of our carry-ons and checked bags arriving at the same time, and a well-rested trip!

Thanks so much!



3 thoughts on “We’re Off

  1. As a mother and grandmother, I will be praying for you without ceasing. Don’t forget our little
    chat Jessica, I will pray for your mom as well. You are covered in prayer.
    Paula Brenneman

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