The Countdown

MAF Team at the Reno Air Races
MAF Team at the Reno Air Races

We have a short 15 days until we leave for Indonesia and all of the adventure God has in store for us. We are very excited, in case you were wondering, and can’t wait to get to our new home and start the adjustment period. We will depart from Reno on September 30th around 5:00 pm and arrive in Seattle a little after 7:00 pm. Then, we get to spend 7 hours in the Seattle airport! We have some portable kiddo tents and we hope to give our kids a little sleep before we give them a little more sleep on our 12+ hour flight from Seattle to Taiwan. We depart at 2:00 pm on October 1st and arrive in Taiwan around 5:00 am local time. We depart Taiwan around 9:00 am and arrive in Jakarta around 12:00 pm. We will spend two days in Jakarta getting our phones set up and adjusting to a number of things: the food, the culture, the time change, and pretty much everything! Jakarta is 14 hours ahead of us so it will be quite the adjustment. We know that it could take a long time but we want to get started right away. We will arrive at our home in Salatiga on October 4th and we will have two weeks to figure some things out before we start language school on the 17th. We have a great team in Salatiga. They are all in various stages of their language training and they will help us get set up when we arrive. (In fact, one of the families is going to buy us groceries and get some essentials for our first few days!)

Balloon Races in Reno
Balloon Races in Reno

As you may have guessed we have been pretty busy getting ready for our move. We have been finishing up a number of projects and putting a bow on all our packing lists. Jessica has been such a blessing because she has kept us organized and helped plan out what we are to accomplish each day. We have been getting it done and hope to have a few days rest before we leave.

We have also stayed busy with a few other things. MAF came to town for the Reno Air Races and brought one of their newest Quest Kodiak airplanes on floats. It is amphibious so it can land on water and terra firma. Summit Christian Church sponsored a plane dedication on Monday, September 8th and we were blessed to have over 200 people come out to pray for the plane and get to know a little bit more about MAF. The rest of the week we had a tent and the plane set up in the Pit Area at the air races. We talked to people about how the Kodiak was designed for missionary work in the most remote places, what MAF does all around the world, and ways they could get involved. We had a great response. Many people haven’t heard about MAF or they don’t really know what we do. I can remember a few times when someone came rushing over from one our displays saying, “No way! I can’t believe you guys are using this plane for God’s work. That is awesome!” It truly is amazing how God has provided MAF’s 52 airplanes to reach isolated and unreached people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a blessing.

As you think of us, here are a few ways in which you can pray for us!

  • Pray that we would finish all of tasks so we can rest a little before we leave for Indonesia.
  • Pray for our long flights with three little kids. Pray that we all get some sleep and adjust well.
  • Pray for our good-byes. It will be hard to leave, both for us and for all of you we are leaving here in the U.S. Pray that we all say what we need to say and leave in peace.

Thank you all so much for your faithful love and support. We need a strong team behind us and we know we have that in many of you. May God bless you and continue to draw you into a deeper relationship with Himself.

Adelina LOVED the hot air balloons!
Adelina LOVED the hot air balloons!
Jeremiah is learning how to be a gentleman
Jeremiah is learning how to be a gentleman



Learning to walk
Learning to walk




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