MAF Is Coming To Reno


What a busy and great time we have had over the past two weeks. I was ordained on August 16th at Summit Christian Church and preached the weekend message for all 6 services between Saturday and Sunday. We spent the next week continuing to finish our last minute lists as we prepare for Indonesia. The next weekend we helped lead worship for a new “Classic” service at our home church complete with hymns. Then, we spend the next week still working on our lists before attending one of our good friend’s wedding in Oregon. Neither of us have spent any time in Oregon up until this point. Our only experience with Oregon is having to slow down to 55 mph, after driving 75 mph in Nevada, on our way up to the MAF headquarters in Idaho. If you don’t know, central Oregon is absolutely beautiful. Our friend, Brennan, was married outside with an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. We are so proud of Brennan and his wife, Maggie, because they faithfully served the Lord and waited until God brought them the right person. Now, they are blissfully married (seriously, they were one of the happiest couples I have ever seen) and going to rock this world for the glory of God!

Ordination at Summit Christian Church

As you may have guessed, our departure has been postponed for at least a month as we wait for visas. We have heard some exciting and hopeful news about our visas, but we don’t quite have them in hand. We continue to stay busy as we finish our final preparations and hang out with friends and family.


I had the privilege of taking a young boy flying yesterday. He was one of my pre-school students quite a few years back and is going through a hard time in life. So, I was able to take him on a flight and he had such a good time. We flew over to Pyramid Lake and he pretty much flew the entire time. His favorite thing was to pull back on the yoke and then shove it forward. I had to take a break after a few minutes because I didn’t want to lose my lunch. He also enjoyed doing steep turns and feeling the G-forces as we pulled around the turn. After the flight, we had a meal at Steak and Shake complete with huge milkshakes. I was able to talk with him about how he is doing. Then, I gave him a watch and told him he is becoming a man and he needs a watch so he can be responsible and be on time. I hope to keep in touch with him and pray for him as he goes on through the tough teenage years.

MAF is going to be coming to Reno next week for the Reno Air Races! If you are in Reno, you are invited to come out to a BBQ Potluck at the Spanish Springs Airport at 1643 Kinglet Drive, Sparks NV 89441. If you would like to attend and see one of MAF’s newest Kodiak airplanes (an 11-seat Turbo-Prop that will be commissioned and sent into service in Indonesia), please contact Pam Moss at or 775-424-5683 to RSVP. We would love to see you there and have you meet some of our MAF friends. 

Thanks so much for your faithfulness and your love. Have a blessed week and we hope to see you soon!





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