The Last Push


This past month has been quite the whirlwind. We left for training in Minnesota on June 19th. We got to catch up with our good friends, Jonathan and Esther Sundman. We had fun at the Mall America and just hanging out. Then, we attended a training seminar called Sahara Challenge by the Crescent Project. The purpose of this ministry is to teach Christians about Islam and train them how best to share our faith with Muslims. We had the blessing of doing a short study during our Orientation with MAF that prepared us for our time time at Sahara Challenge. The study is called “Bridges” and it is an amazing tool we would highly recommend. There are some commonalities between Christianity and Islam and we can use these things to explain the gospel and encourage Muslim friends to read the New Testament for themselves. We were greatly encouraged and excited about the things we have learned and the tools we have been given. What a valuable time and experience as we prepare to serve in Indonesia!


After our time in Minnesota, we traveled to Wisconsin to visit some dear friends of ours. We were able to speak at their church and encourage the believers, as well as reconnect with our great friends. Our good friends from Reno, Mirte and Brady Iubelt joined us in Wisconsin and it was a great time of fellowship and fun. I am still healing from a wicked rug burn while playing Gaga ball, but it was definitely worth it!


Lastly, we traveled to Raleigh, NC to visit my family and say a few good-byes. We had a pretty relaxing time going to the pool, celebrating Solomon’s first birthday, playing pool with my Dad and FarFar (grandfather in Sweden), and just being with my family. Adelina also had her first violin lesson! She is very excited to be learning the violin. I am going to be her teacher for the next few years. I realized that I need to get a violin and teach how to play or she is going to pass me up quickly. We had a wonderful time with the family and a few tearful good-byes. It is going to be tougher than I thought!!! The hard part is that there quite a few more to come. The good news is it is more of a “see you in a few years” than a true good-bye!


So, now we are back in Reno and a little overwhelmed with all the work we have in front of us. Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for our big move. Here is how you can pray…

  • Packing, packing, packing! We are in the midst of packing our crates for Indonesia. The tricky part is we are also busy buying various items we will need over the next 3.5 years. We already bought the clothes for everyone (Jessica did an amazing job and got some great deals), we purchased bedding for all of our beds, a few kitchen items, and other things that are difficult to get over in Indonesia. Needless to say, it is going to be tricky figuring out what makes the cut and what gets left behind. It is a massive job and we have some wonderful people who are going to come over to play with our kids.
  • Doctor/Dentist Visits! We have a few more doctors to visit, everyone has to get their teeth cleaned, Solomon needs a few more shots, and we have GOT to figure out what is going with Jessica’s hip/back. So, while we are not packing we are running to different doctors and trying to get everything straight before we head out. It has been discouraging with Jessica’s injury as there doesn’t seem to be an easy fix. 
  • Rental House! We are renting out our house in Sparks and there are a few things that need to be wrapped up before we leave for Indo. The blower fan on the furnace started shedding blades (not quite as critical as a turbine blade on a PT-6) and I am going to replace the wheel this week. I would also like to lay a bit more rock on the side of the house to finish up the landscaping.
  • Ordination/Preaching! Our home church, Summit Christian Church, has decided to ordain me before we head overseas. This is a huge honor and we are very excited. It will also come in handy when we are overseas! In addition to being ordained, I have the blessing of getting to preach over the weekend. If you are in town, come on down. I am also excited because my brother is flying in that week from South Carolina and my parents and sister will be here over the weekend! 
  • Good-byes! One of the hardest things is saying good-bye and getting a bit of time with everyone who wants to see us. We are traveling to California this weekend to say good-bye to some of Jessica’s family. It is important that we see as many people as we can and say proper good-byes and see-you-soon’s.
  • Visas! Lastly, we are still waiting on our visas for Indonesia. There are a total of 12 families from MAF who are waiting for their visas to arrive. We are not worried because we know God will get them through at just the right time. But, it wouldn’t hurt to continue to pray!!!

Thank you all so very much! May God bless you and family!












4 thoughts on “The Last Push

  1. What a long journey…but actually, whether here or their (Indonesia) it is only one step at a time that God gives us all. He is faithful in all things. Will be praying for you in many ways for many things…and know that He will answer in a way that will honor and glorify him. Thank you for being willing to go and make a difference in this place. He is faithful. That much I know. Love you guys!!! Marie

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