Jet Engine Training


Well, it wasn’t exactly rocket science, but it is about as close as I am going to get!

I had the privilege of spending a week in Spokane, WA to attend a PT6 (the most reliable turbo-prop on the market) training course. MAF is progressively switching over to a turbo-prop fleet because the cost of aviation fuel continues to go up. (Think $22/gallon. Makes for high operating cost) So, I attended the training course and had a great time. I learned so much about the PT6 engine. The main areas of interest include how to perform basic maintenance to keep the engines running at their peak and how to troubleshoot various problems to make sure the engines last as long as possible. It was a great course because they had two engines we could inspect, disassemble, and operate. I learn best when I get to put my hands to work! I am excited about all of the things I learned because I will have a chance to work on these engines when I get to Indonesia

If you want to see how a PT6 works and watch me start one, click here!

Using a Boroscope to inspect inside the engine

It has been such a blessing going through all of the trainings before we head to the mission field. I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to see how much MAF puts into making sure we are as ready as we can be before we get there. We know there will be some readjustments when we arrive in Indonesia, but we definitely have plenty of tools to be successful as missionaries, a pilot, a mechanic, and as a family.

What a blessing!

We only have a little more training before we depart. We should be gone in 2 short months (emphasis on SHORT). Here’s what is coming up in the next few weeks.

  • Thursday, June 19th-28th – Cultural training in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Saturday, June 28th-July 2nd – Visiting friends in WI and speaking at a church
  • Thursday, July 2nd-July 9th – Visiting family in NC and saying good-byes
  • Thursday, July 10th – Buy final items and finish packing our crates for Indonesia

It is going to go quickly and we hope to make the most of it. Please continue to pray for our family during this transition. We have a lot to do and a limited amount of time to do it. Please continue to pray for…

  • Our visas. Some of our friends have received their visas and we are hopeful ours will come in soon.
  • Joy and peace as we travel. We are traversing the country and it can be difficult on all of us.
  • Pray for wisdom in packing. We have lists upon lists to sort through and figure out what we want/need and what we have room for in our crates. 225 glorious cubic feet of crate space to fill with whatever we can!

Thanks so much!




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