Back in Reno


Commissioned by the President
Commissioned by the President

We completed all of our Standardization and Orientation Training with Mission Aviation Fellowship and have returned to Reno, NV to finish packing for life overseas, to spend time at our home church before they send us out, and to say our goodbyes. It was a bittersweet ending to our time at MAF. One the one hand, we crossed another training hurdle as we prepare to serve overseas. On the other hand, this was the last place we would spend more than 4 consecutive weeks until we reach language school in Salatiga, Indonesia. Our schedule is a bit busy, if you haven’t had a chance to see it, but we know it is going to be an awesome summer and an amazing adventure. Here is what we will be up to the next few months…

  • June 1st – Vana Open House at Summit Christian Church
  • June 5 – 12 Phil receives turbine engine training in Spokane, Washington
  • June 22 – 28 Vana Family goes to Minnesota for Islamic Education
  • July 9 – 26 Vanas back in Reno to finalize packing
  • July 28 – 30 Vana Family will be back in Idaho for Security Training
  • August 1 – 22 Time to say our final Good-Byes/See you in 3 and 1/2 years
  • August 16 – 17 Phil preaches at Summit on our last weekend in Reno
  • August 23 is the date we hope to head to Indonesia to begin language school, visas permitting


A couple of things to highlight on this list. The first is we will be having an open house this weekend at Summit. Both of us will be at all services this weekend. My lovely wife is doing the Communion Meditation up front and we will have a table in the lobby. The open house takes place after the last service on Sunday from 1 – 3 pm. We will be in High Country, the children’s worship area, and will be sharing more about our training with MAF, some of the things we learned about MAF as an organization, and what we will be doing once we arrive in Indonesia. There will be refreshments and videos along with some free time to ask us any and all of your questions!

The second is God has been opening some doors concerning our Indonesian visas. Some of our friends applied at the same time we did and they have received their visas. We don’t have ours in hand but we are hopeful that ours will come soon and enable us to leave on our scheduled departure date. Please keep praying and hoping with us.

We are excited about this journey and can’t wait to share it with you. Thank you for your support of our family and belief in us. We hope to see you this weekend if you are in the Reno/Sparks area! God Bless.





2014-01-13 MAF Pottery Mug-57


2 thoughts on “Back in Reno

  1. I so wanted to be there for your open house…had to work, end of the month financials stuff. Thanks for keeping us posted on your journey…I love hearing
    from you.
    Gave Braden his book yesterday… we read it together. Will probably read it
    to him often. He loves books, cars and airplanes. I’m going to try to find a
    plane like the one you fly, Phil. I want to hang it from the ceiling over his bed.
    I know the journey will be challenging, but I also know as you grow, as you
    trust the truths of His words, He will strengthen you abundantly for every good
    work He gives you to do. The children…praying for His protection and care,
    and especially that they will experience God personal love as they grow up.
    He is so trustworthy. I praise Him for His promises.
    Love you guys. Blessings and prayers abundantly

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