The Fire Hose


What a week it has been!!! (And we are only on Wednesday)

Jess and I are learning so much right now. We spend 8 hours a day in class, make dinner, play with the kids and put them to bed, and then try to process everything we learned before we fall asleep exhausted. It is wonderful and tiring! We are loving it.

We had a great drive up on Saturday after my last day at Trader Joe’s on Friday. We settled in to our apartment at the MAF headquarters and started class on Monday. We have heard from the President and CEO, John Boyd, and all of the different regional directors. We have watched videos from different missionaries and heard from people working in all aspects of ministry like I.T. and Disaster Relief. We have found we know so little about MAF. We knew that it was an amazing organization but it is even better than we thought. They have a solid organizational structure in place and they continually work to expand their operation and improve on what they are doing. They have flow charts to help make their decisions and are doing whatever is necessary to meet the needs of the people they serve. They are even working to train future leaders in various third world countries!

But the best thing of all is they have not forgotten where they came from nor why they exist. From the President on down, we have heard that preaching and demonstrating the love and life of Jesus Christ is what matters. Sharing the good news to isolated people so they may be transformed physically and spiritually. 

We are so excited. There have been a few moments where we have been overwhelmed with our heads spinning. Then, there are moments of great excitement when we see amazing pictures or hear incredible stories of the work we hope to do. We still don’t know what the future holds, but we will know soon. Please keep praying that we can process all of the information that we are receiving. Also, pray for our family to get good time together. The kids stay with a nanny and they are all doing great, but we don’t get to see them as much as usual and want to make the most of the time that we do get with them. Lastly, pray that God would lead the Candidate Committee as they will make the decision on which region we will serve. We met with them and told them about our family and the things we are thinking about concerning where we will serve and what we will do. We trust that God will help them place us where we will thrive and flourish on our first term with MAF!

Thanks so much and God Bless


8 thoughts on “The Fire Hose

  1. Blessings from Joe & Juli we are happy for you guys and will continue to pray for you in your journey. Take care of the little ones…God’s Grace <

  2. Great report on week 1, Phil! We’ll definitely be praying for favor with the Candidate Committee and that God’s will for you will be done in regards to country selection. Good to know that MAF is solid! Just let the kids know that you love them!

  3. Phil and Jess it sounds so gooood. We will be praying and spoke to Dan and he/I will be supporting you financially too.

  4. We are praying for you, that God will place you in the field where He wants you. Give those three darling kids a hug from FarFar and FarMor.

  5. We’ll be praying for sound sleep and that your minds will be able to process all this new info at an amazing speed!

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