I Could Never Do That…


We have some new neighbors a few doors down the street. They have four kids and they are all sweet. Adelina and Jeremiah had fun playing with them in the drainage ditch by our house. They were picking cattails and shucking them so all of the seeds made a huge pile that looks like snow. Onh, the father, delivers bread and works extremely hard. He is from Thailand and has an interesting life story. One of the times he brought us bread from work he learned we are going to serve as missionaries. He shook my hand and said, “Wow, thanks for doing that. If it wasn’t for people like you I wouldn’t be here. I could never do that but I am grateful that you are doing it. That is awesome.”

It’s not awesome; It’s just obedience.  Anyone can do that.

We heard a great message this weekend at Summit. (I would encourage you to podcast it if you haven’t already heard it!) The core of the message was to refuse to live by fear and instead live by faith. The idea is, we often get “stuck” looking at the problems in our life that hinder what we can do and where we can go for God. The solution is to believe God is who He says He is and to expect God to solve the “huge problems” so we can live the life He intends for us. As Christ’s disciples, there is nothing we cannot do by the grace and power of God. There is nowhere we can go where God will not go with us and before us.

Our prayer for all of our friends is that, together, we would dream big ole crazy God-dreams for our lives.  That we would trust the words of the One who sends us.  And that we would obey, plain and simple.  Our prayer too is that, just as your lives encourage us, our lives might be an encouragement to you.  That our lives might give you courage to run, run, run after Jesus!

If you pray for us, please pray for our remaining support needs.  Please also pray for faithfulness and fruitfulness in our lives.  And, of course, please keep praying for the country assignment we will receive at MAF this January.

With Gratitude,

The Vanas






One thought on “I Could Never Do That…

  1. Have been praying for your financial needs… also praying for his protection
    as you prepare to go… that is, He would guard your hearts, minds and
    bodies. When we are weak, it’s easier to let the body control our behavior.
    As much as I want to choose Him, sometimes I find that I’d just rather sit
    it out until I feel better. Praise be to God, there is therefore no condemnation
    for those who are in Christ Jesus!!! He is always a prayer away in finding
    comfort in His arms, forgiveness and cleansing for the soul… Abundant
    Blessings dear ones…

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