Quick Update and A Cool Story…


First the cool story:  Okay, so, this really is just too cool and just too sweet, and just too much like Jesus for words but, here goes. There is a family preparing to serve with MAF.  They are in the same boat we are: close to having their support all the way raised, but not quite there.  The sooner they get their support raised the sooner they get to go to work! They are making crazy sacrifices for the kingdom and although they have a family of their own they are being financially conscientious missionaries and choosing to live with in-laws as they support raise.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, those two crazy missionaries sent us a super-humbling, crazy-generous, way-unexpected donation toward our outgoing expenses with MAF.  One would ask,”Why did they do this when they have their own support to raise?”  The answer: Jesus.  The family of God works in some of the most beautiful ways and there is nothing quite like the missionary seat to see those inside-outside-upsidedown-kingdom principles at work.  Every time we think about those guys we can hardly believe it.  Thanks, God.  You are too good for words.

Ok. Update Time: We really are almost there.  We are so close to our MAF candidacy with just a few steps ahead of us.  In terms of support we are still in need of approximately $2,600 monthly and approximately $7,000 for our one-time outgoing expense.   So many precious people, friends and family, have given truly sacrificially and we are humbled…big time.  We just can’t thank you guys enough.  We want to make every gift, and every prayer from you count for the kingdom.  We want to serve so beautifully and shine so brightly that all of you supporters are filled to the brim with the joy of God’s goodness. Thank you for partnering with what God is doing through us.  I am reminded that our coming King will return and reign on the earth perhaps soon and very soon.  And so, it is with true urgency that we press on toward serving in the most effective capacity possible.  

Please pray for the following:

1.  For the country assignment we will receive in January.  That we will sense and know God’s call to a location and people group.  

2.  For our time at MAF headquarters in Nampa, Idaho January 12 – February 8.  Please pray that we would find good friends and build lasting relationships with the family at MAF.

3.  Please pray for our kiddos who will be spending a whole lot of time with strangers that month between babysitters and new friends.  Please pray for God’s grace to carry each Vana through in their own special way.  

4.  Please pray for the remaining financial support to come in surely and swiftly so we can move straight into standardization (where Phil will learn to fix and fly the MAF way).  

5.  Please pray that Father God will raise up faithful, faithful, faithful prayer partners to cover our work, lives, and relationships in prayer.  

Thank you friends for remembering us and for being the reflection of our Father in our lives.  We seriously love you and are blessed to call you friends!


P.S. Aforementioned family above, you know who you are.  And yes, you are too sweet for words!




2 thoughts on “Quick Update and A Cool Story…

  1. Prayers for God’s provision and blessings as He continues prepare you for the place He has for you to serve…love you guys

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