Beauty in the Basics

Every now and then, when life gets really busy or we find ourselves especially taxed we like to get back to the basics. In our home we have a list of weekly goals or values we like to prioritize.  Things like quiet times, exercise, date-night, lesson or teaching time with our kids, and house cleaning are the things that make us feel right. When life gets crazy sometimes these things can fall out of balance or out of their proper place.  When we find this happening Jess will pull out our little dry-erase board and we make sure to block about specific time for the things that matter most to us.  This week, we did just that and suddenly we feel lighter, more focused and even happier.

One of the things that makes date-night special is the couple’s devotional we are going through from the author of Sacred Marriage.  This week we were reminded that our each of us who is married is responsible and accountable to the ultimate Father-in-law: God himself.   We were challenged to consider if we were treating our spouse as well as our Father-in-law expects.  The main thrust of the devotion hinged upon a healthy fear-of-the-Lord.  Would we speak that way toward our spouse if we knew our Father-in-law was listening?  Would we be as lazy or apathetic in our treatment of our spouse of we were mindful that God reads our thoughts?  

We are in a particularly busy (I like to say “full”) season of life. Support raising is going well.  We are blessed and encouraged as even more people have joined our support team. (Thank you, friends!) We are still praying for around $3000 in monthly support.  Partnerships in any dollar amount are exciting because we love knowing that people are excited about the work we’ll be doing with MAF and that they will be praying.  Prayer partners truly are the glue that will hold us together when we are overseas.  We thank our partners, even now, for being faithful in prayer.  

This weekend we are hosting an informational meeting at our church.  We will be sharing the vision for the work we will be doing with MAF.  The meeting is at 12:30 this Sunday in the Loft at Summit Christian Church.  If you are local, please consider joining us.  

May you each be blessed beyond belief this week.

Love in Christ,
The Vana Fam 


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