October Fun…

October has already been a great month and we are barely half-way through!!! We celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday up in Truckee, CA. Phil’s whole family came out to be together and celebrate the patriarch of the family. This last weekend we celebrated the marriage of our dear friends, Ryan and Hannah Sexton. The joining of two lives into one is always such fun, especially as it reminds us of the joyful wedding that awaits for Christ and His bride, the Church!

We also got to visit Apple Hill in Placerville, CA and have all sorts of fun as a family. We have made some new friends with a family up the street. There are three children, Angel (11), Bianca (7), and Natalia (6). They are extremely sweet and like to play with Adelina. They have come to our door numerous times in the past few days and practically begged to play with Adelina. They also love being around Jessica because she makes even the most mundane tasks fun!

We continue to press forward while making the most of each day. Thank you for keeping up with us! God bless.







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