The Grace of Giving

I (Jess) am enjoying a fantastic women’s Bible study at my church on Wednesday mornings.  This week in my reading we were reminded about Paul’s exhortation to grow in the grace of giving (2 Corinthians 8:7).  We were encouraged, even if we’ve been tithing and giving to God’s kingdom for many years to continue our growth in this area.  And then, we were reminded of all the promises united with this grace of giving. In our current season of life, I am praying about new ways to give.  I am hungry to draw close to my Savior’s heart as I continue to grow in this grace – especially when no one is looking.  I know in doing so my Father will see, be blessed and be glorified.   I long to be with Him, heart and soul, in all I do – most especially when it’s just Him and me.

Last week we sent out support letters to friends and family, many of whom follow this blog.  In just one week we have seen God’s crazy goodness.  Over three hundred dollars has been pledged this week toward our monthly support needs and fifteen hundred dollars pledged toward our outgoing support needs. Amazing.  Humbling.  Encouraging.

To me, what those dollars represent are three very cool things:

1.  People are excited and motivated to see lost souls redeemed and healed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

2.  People are entrusting and commissioning us in this work by offering their support.  

3. People are willing to make sacrificial lifestyle changes because of their love for and knowledge of their Savior.  

These are only some of the most beautiful and radical sentiments ever.

As we pray together, please pray for our remaining monthly and outgoing support to come in swiftly and surely.  We are ready to get to work!  We currently need $3,470 in monthly support and $15,000 for our one time outgoing support.  It’s an elephant, to be sure but we know we can eat this baby one bite at a time. If you are interested in joining our support team and would like to know how and where to begin sending support, please give us a call, send us an email, read our last blog post, or click on the “support” page on this website.  

What a gift it is to know the riches of His grace and to walk with you, precious friends and family, as we grow in the grace of sharing His love with others.  Image



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