God And Groceries…


One of the things I enjoy most about working at Trader Joe’s is I have a lot of interactions with people who do not follow Christ. From some my co-workers to the customers who come in throughout the day, I have the opportunity to share the love and light of Christ.

I usually start my interactions with customers by saying, “How are you doing today?” Pretty generic and vanilla but it gets things going! They will usually say, “Good,” which is grammatically incorrect but I usually let it slide. Then they will say, “How are you doing?” I will respond with “Terrific,” “Excellent,” or my favorite “Better than I deserve.” Some people don’t want to talk and others love to have a good conversation, if only for a few minutes.

This last Sunday I had a great conversation with a woman. We shared our general pleasantries and then I asked her if she went to church that day. Most people who are shopping on Sunday morning did not and will not go to church, but it can certainly get a good conversation started!!! She said, “Oh, I don’t go to church much these day. I like religion and stuff, especially because it means that shopping here is less crowded on Sunday mornings, but I haven’t gone in years. Did you go to church?” I guess she was assuming that I didn’t since I was working on Sunday morning. I answered, “Yes, I go on Saturday nights.” Then she proceeded to tell me about how a friend invited her to go to her church and she might go next weekend. I told her I thought that might be a good idea. Then she said, “It is weird. This kind of thing has happened quite a few times in the past few weeks. Someone keeps telling me about God and church. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something.” I said, “Yep, might be trying to tell you something.” I finished bagging her groceries and she said, “Thank you for the candid conversation. I really appreciated talking with you.”

That…was…awesome! It was a simple conversation but I was excited to see one more little seed planted. Who knows if it will sprout but one more seed from one who cares is always a good thing!!!


After my shift on Sunday, I surprised Jess and the kids and we traveled to Santa Rosa to visit Living Roots and all our friends who live there. We had a great time seeing the Living Roots family. We attended a block party and met some of the local members of the two gospel communities in Santa Rosa. It was a great visit and an encouragement to see the work God is doing with Living Roots. Adelina was able to spend some time with one of her favorite people in the entire world, Hannah “soon-to-be-Sexton” Ediss. We had a great trip and it was good to break up the rhythm of life, as well as escape the smoke for a few days!!!

Thank you everyone for your love and prayers. We continue to press on toward the hope that we have received! Have a great week and God bless!!!







2 thoughts on “God And Groceries…

  1. I enjoy hearing about your ideas on starting meaningful conversation. I’m a stay at home home and am often thinking of ways I can engage in a meaningful way with the checker or people in the store. God hears my prayers and sees my hearts desire to share His Word and I’m amazed at the opportunities that arise. Happy seed planting!

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