Roadmap For Life…


Do you ever wish life came with a roadmap?  Have you ever found yourself asking God, “Should I turn left, or right?”  “Should I marry him, or stay single?”  “Should I take this job or that job?”  “Should I buy this or that house?”  Floating throughout the world of Christendom are a grip-load of catchphrases we say to comfort and encourage one another in a moment of decision.  Some are helpful, some are confusing, and all are well-intentioned.  

When Phil and I made the decision to pursue missionary aviation, we were careful, slow, and deliberate.  Phil fasted, we both prayed, and in my signature Jessica-Vana-Listmaker-Fashion I counted the cost…on paper.  We consulted others, we asked for prayer, we felt confirmation, and when we felt we’d heard from the Lord we set out to obey. no. matter. what.  

“No matter what” is one of those phrases that is loaded from the get-go because we aren’t given a roadmap for the journey.  Specifically, the road to serving overseas as missionary aviators is complicated simply due of the nature of the job: in-depth specialized training, various and varied organizations to choose from, and a unique calling to serve as a missionary and a technician.    

When we set off for A and P school (airplane mechanic school) in Michigan last year, we had no idea what we didn’t know about missionary aviation.  Today (with most of what we own in boxes and our hearts more certain than ever of the call) we continue to learn what God may have in store.  When we tried out with JAARS in October we learned a whole lot.  Then, we went through and passed our Technical Evaluation with MAF we learned a lot (and had a ton of fun, too).   

As we learn, you can be sure of three things:  We are committed to the gospel and reaching lost souls for Christ.  We are eager to serve and be a blessing.  We will looking forward to the good work Father God has in place for us and we can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and get started. 

As we learn we would love prayer for the following things:  that the Lord would lead us and guide us, that we would be wise and discerning, that we would find our place in the world of missionary aviation and thrive as servants of Christ.    

In each step we take and in all the steps ahead, both known and unknown, may our trademark be love and may the love of Christ radiate through our lives and light up darkened hearts with true hope and restoration power!  

We love you!

Jess (and the fam!)

Phil performing a wedding last weekend!
Little man





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