Preparing For The Mission Field…





Yep! That cute!

At a leadership conference I was asked to play a game.  The speaker told us to close our eyes.  With eyes closed he asked us to make a list of everything in the room that was the color red.  We all struggled to come up with four or five thing that were red and then we were told to open our eyes.  With eyes now open we were told once again to notice things that were red.  We couldn’t believe it. Red was all around us.  The point of the exercise was this: whatever you tell yourself to be on the lookout for, that’s what you’ll see.  For the rest of the day red was popping out everywhere just begging to be noticed.  


So, here we are.  Solomon is born and integrating into our family.  We are in that great big ole new-baby-learning-curve, but God is good and He is helping us find our footing.  With the mental weight of Solomon’s arrival behind us, we are pressing on toward our goal of missionary aviation with a renewed sense of intentionality and hope.  We’ve been praying for the Lord to make us wise and prepare us for a useful purpose on the field.  


As we seek Him and as we appeal for tools and skills that will prepare us, I (Jess) am noticing things I may not have otherwise noticed.  And I am seeing how some of these things are part of the Holy Spirit preparing us for good work.  Here is a recent example.  


Last year in Michigan we LOVED our church.  It was a rockin’ church of precious people passionately pursuing our Savior plunked down in a small rural town called Lowell.  Our pastor (Jason) was a true gem.  We still follow him on facebook and I’d like to share with you something he wrote recently to encourage the flock.  Here goes…”I wrote something a while back to remind myself and our church to be hospitable to others who come into our “big home” each weekend. I can’t tell you how this will affect the environment and culture of our church if a huge number of us live out this simple characteristic. 

As you come to church each weekend…
1. Get to church 15 minutes early to make yourself available for God to use.
2. Look for a new, disoriented face.
3. Share encouragement with people.
4. Ask people questions and listen well.
5. Be positive, tell jokes, be of good cheer.
6. Laugh a lot and produce laughter. 
7. Introduce people to other people.
8. Create energy in the Worship Service by participating.
9. Look around you and ask who God wants you to introduce yourself to.
10. Greet people around you.

Don’t just…
1. Go to your seat and wait for the service to “start”…it’s already started.
2. Go to your familiar friends and huddle up by yourselves.
3. Immediately leave and go home after the service…mingle.
4. Bury your head in your bulletin and keep to yourself.
5. Think about yourself and your needs…think about the needs of others.

As we continue to expand, we will need more people to step up with their personalities, gifts and attitudes. The growth is always exciting, but there has to be an intentional spirit that creates life and culture. 
I think that’s us. Strike that. I know that’s us. 
Thanks for being the backbone, torso, guts and heartbeat of our body. I lean on your leadership.”

Now is that a good word, or what?!?!  I read this again and consider it a good word as we prepare to serve overseas. It’s basic servant-leadership but it has the power to make each of us missionaries, right here, right now.  

May you be encouraged and may you see opportunities this week to implement this pastor’s good advice.  

Oh, and if you pray for us, we’d be super blessed to have prayer in the following areas.  

1.  We used to have a little friend called “sleep.” Where oh where did he go?

2.  For God to bless us with wisdom and favor in all our endeavors.

3.  That we would make the very, very most of our time here in the states before going overseas.  

4.  That God would help us be super-intentional in sharing Christ with our children.    

5.  That we would be a blessing to our friends, family, and church.

6.  That we would be encouraged in our journey.  
Thank you again, for your love, friendship, and prayers. 



4 thoughts on “Preparing For The Mission Field…

  1. I’m going to steal this advice and use it with our Guest Ministries teams if that’s okay, Phil. What a great model this is!

  2. What a special, “beautiful” gem your little one is…Praying for you and believing God’s blessings for you both along with your children, to be his feet in the right place and at the right time. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love you and your precious family…

  3. Oh Jess … It does get better. Just about the moment you think you simply cannot go another night without sleep…like magic, our Heavenly Father blesses us with sweet slumber! Hang in there. Some may tell you to hang in there but, we know its our Lord who is holding you and Phil up! Praise God!

    I love your prayer request. You summarized what your friend wrote to his co gregati

    1. Sorry I sent it too soon. Anyway thank you for your prayer request I appreciate knowing how to prayer for specifically, lately I’ve been focused on the word Pilgrimage and as it relates to the children of Israel in the desert for 40 years. And, I concluded that God sent me to this desert (which I have not liked) with a Purpose & Plan; He promises me Provision & Protection; my spirit is renewed knowing this is His Pilgrimage to Him for me!

      God bless you and Phil and your beautiful family on your Pulgrimage too! Isn’t it wonderful that God gave each of a special and unique journey on our way home to meet our Heavenly Father?

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