Overwhelming Gratitude…


Have you ever been overwhelmed by gratitude? Have you ever felt the goodness and love of God in such a tangible way that you lost your ability to describe or quantify it? Have you ever been so blessed by the outpouring of love from others that you simply stopped and felt like crying? (Maybe you did cry!)

I would say that we seem to be floating as we celebrate the birth of Solomon John and receive such love and generosity from others. I cannot help but give glory to God day and night. Why has He been so good to us? Why has He lavished such good gifts upon us? Why do people love us and stop me at church to tell me so? I am overwhelmed. It brings me to tears even as I write this blog.

A little story and then a list of some blessings…

Jessica went into labor on July 4th and we made our way to the hospital in more time than Jessica thought was appropriate. But, we made it and quickly checked in and prepared to have us a baby!!! Everything went smooth, especially after the epidural, and Solomon came quietly (well, he was quiet for about 33.8 seconds) into our oxygen breathing world at 6:16 pm. (This ranks as one of the top five times that I been this proud and crazy in love with my wife. She is incredible!) I did not plan it, but I had tears in my eyes when I caught Solomon and delivered him into his mother’s arms. Then, I couldn’t stop laughing as I heard him cry and looked him over. Bellisimo! He was 6 lbs 13.2 oz and 19 1/4″ long. We made it to our post-natal room in time to watch the grand finale of a fireworks show outside our window! What a night!!!

Solomon and Jessica are doing great. God has given us what we have been praying for. A good sleeper, a good eater, and a good pooper! Oh, and he is cute too!!! AND, Jeremiah up and decided to start walking on the 6th! What a guy!

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us and for the delivery of Solomon John. We are blessed beyond words. The only thing that is crazier is that we know God is not done with us yet and my mind cannot even comprehend it!


Here are just a few blessings that have left us overwhelmed with gratitude…

– The help given to us by both of our parents! My parents flew in on the 3rd and took care of Adelina and Jeremiah while we were at the hospital. It was even more grand because my sister was in town to celebrate the 4th with us! My Dad organized my garage and helped me fix my toolbox, and my Mom has organized everything else and cooked a number of excellent meals!!! Jessica’s Mom has been picking up various things that we need as well as thinking of gifts to give Adelina and Jeremiah. (Adelina is already a pro at Candy Land!) Jessica’s Dad just came into town and he and his family are loving the socks off of our kids!

– A woman from church offered to do labor photos for Solomon’s birth and they are beautiful. She spent a portion of her 4th of July holiday taking pictures for us (and they are awesome) and she told us that it was a blessing for her! Wow!

– A number of people have offered to bring us a meal as we transition into life with three kids. We have been set while my Mom is in town but those meals are going to be extremely helpful in the coming weeks.

– A couple from the campus ministry in Prescott, AZ sent us a check just to help out with whatever. (Yes, tears again as I write) Why? I don’t know. Overwhelmed? Again and again.

– Solomon is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way. (At least I think so and I am his father!) He has already gained weight and grew a 1/2″ in 4 days!!!

The list goes on and so does our thankfulness. God is good. We do not deserve it, yet Jeremiah 30:18 says, “…the LORD longs to be gracious to you…” (NIV) I love it. It is like He just can’t wait to be good to us, though we don’t deserve any of it! Praise be to God, the giver of every good gift and provider of all things! Hallelujah!!!

Look who’s walking now!!!

3 thoughts on “Overwhelming Gratitude…

  1. Congratulations; what an awesome gift from our God ! We join you in praise and giving thanks to the only one and only who is so creative.

  2. Soooo very thankful that everything went well… So happy for you… He is an amazing God who does give us good gifts in this life. It helps us remember when life isn’t so easy. Praying God’s blessings for you all…

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