Get Into The Word…

For the word of God is alive and active.

– Hebrews 4:12 NIV

I used to think that I wasn’t someone who could listen to the Bible on a CD. I had heard versions where someone read through the Bible in a monotone voice. I could see myself getting bored and possible nodding off to sleep. So, it came as a surprise when I was given a mp3 player with some worship songs and the Bible on it. I was offered a one day job doing some landscaping work and I had nothing else to listen to while I worked. I listened to the Bible and found that it was extremely powerful. There were times when I was fully engaged and there were times when my mind was on my work, but it turned out to be huge blessing. The reader spoke with a monotone voice but it was still effective.

After I got home, I checked on-line to find a Bible on CD. I was hooked! I finally settled on “The Bible Experience” and have been listening to it as I work at Trader Joe’s. All I can say is that I was about to cry for joy and gratitude while stocking cheese in the morning. (No, I wasn’t as excited about the cheese as I was thankful for the grace of God.) I never would have thought that I would enjoy listening to someone read the Bible, but I was so excited to be able to listen to the Bible 5 days a week and simply let it wash over me. It reminds me of Ephesians 5:26 which speaks of how Christ washes and cleanses his bride (the church…US) with the Word of God. I can feel God with me as I listen to the Word in the morning. I can sense God stirring up things in my heart and convicting me about my sin. What a blessing to live in such a time as this!!!

We had a great last week! We celebrated Mother’s Day, dedicated Jeremiah and pledged to raise him according to the faith, and Jessica served at a women’s conference at our church. We continue to find ways to serve and make the most of the opportunities that God gives us. We invited our Muslim neighbors to play in our kiddie pool and we all ended up soaked. Their favorite part was splashing Jessica!!!

We hope that all you Mother’s had a wonderful day of being celebrated! Have a great week and God Bless!

Jessica making Shrimp and Grits for Mother’s Day
Jeremiah’s Dedication
Love these kids
Mother’s Day Brunch!!!

One thought on “Get Into The Word…

  1. It is such a gift to be a mother. God grows me so much each day through being a mother. It is a treasure. Aye Phil! Luis likes to listen to bible audio even more than music. We enjoy it too. Even amidst the chaos and confusion around us, these are good times that we live in because of Jesus!

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