Better Than I Deserve…

Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl

I once asked a teacher how he was doing. He replied, “Better than I deserve.” I like that answer. It has stuck with me. In my job at Trader Joe’s, I ask and am asked dozens of times each day, “How are you today?” I often reply with the words of my teacher, “Better than I deserve.”

I do this for two reasons. The first is that it is TRUE!!! And when I say the words it reminds me to stay humble. I remember that I do not deserve the blessings and good things that God has given me. They are the gift of grace, not something I have earned. I remember I deserve to die for my sin and it is only because of the sacrifice of Jesus that I now have life and will have life evermore.

The second reason that I use this phrase is it is a subtle way for me to proclaim the good news and give a person a glimpse that I follow Christ. I know it is not much but I believe that it is effective in getting someone’s attention and causing them to think. Maybe they are a disciple of Christ and say “amen” in their heart. Or, maybe it causes them to remember to be thankful for what they have as well. I don’t know. But I say, with complete faith and humility, I am doing better than I deserve every day that I spend with Christ.

Speaking of being better than I deserve, I have some wonderful and amazing news. A friend at church told me that his cousin has an airplane. My friend told his cousin about my family and what we are trying to do with missionary aviation. The cousin offered to let me use his plane for cost of fuel!!! WOW!!! It took a few weeks to get together but I was given the keys on Saturday after a quick trip around the airport. (Anybody wanna go fly? 🙂

The airplane is an Piper Cherokee 140 with an upgraded engine. It is nothing fancy but it performs well and I can fly/teach instrument students. This is a huge blessings because my neighbor is interested in learning how to fly and this might open up the door for some new students! Yes, God certainly has been and is better to us than we deserve!

We are blessed beyond words and striving to be faithful during our time in Reno. We are having fun spending time with friends, serving in a variety of ways, and celebrating Adelina’s 3rd birthday this last weekend!!! Thank you for your faithful prayers and keeping up with us on this journey. All glory to God!!! Have a great week and live with the knowledge that you have it better than you deserve!

Who doesn't like whipped cream?
Who doesn’t like whipped cream?
No, it doesn't get any better than this!!!
No, it doesn’t get any better than this!!!
Maybe it does for him!
Maybe it does for him!

One thought on “Better Than I Deserve…

  1. Thanks for sharing Phil. I’m always thinking of subtle ways that i can share Jesus and God’s Awsome Grace.

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