You Live On Allegrini…

Wrestling on the bed

Jessica has been put in charge of a project for Summit. Her job is to interview people to hear their testimony about how God has changed their life. She is incredibly stoked and honored to be working on this project! She attended the “First Steps” class on Thursday. “First Steps” is a class that teaches people what it means to be a disciple of Christ, what the death and resurrection of Christ means to a believer, and how to have a relationship with God. While meeting some of the people who had completed the class, one of the young ladies said, “I know you. You live on Allegrini.” Thus began a great conversation.

The lady explained how she had come to believe in God and accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She also happens to be the sister of one of our neighbors! She was excited to know Jessica and glad that we are living near her sister. (She also asked, “You guys are the ones who talk to the muslims, right?” That sounds like a good thing to be known for!) The young lady encouraged Jessica to pray for her sister and family. (We are already on that!) She thinks that her sister might be interested in coming to church but she doesn’t know how to invite her. Jessica said, “Well, you said you wanted to get baptized. Invite her to that!” We are hopeful and excited about what God has done in this lady’s life and what he may be stirring in our cul-de-sac. 

We continue to build relationship with our neighbors next door. They invited us to dinner on Friday and we had a great time getting to know them and one of their friends. The topic of aviation and flight instruction came up and I might have some more flight students! Yahoo. We also shared a little more of what we will be doing with MAF and why we are doing it. It was a great time. Now we just continue to pray and let God do what He wants with the seed.

On another note, I have started working at Trader Joe’s. Let me tell you, it is a LOT of fun. Seriously! It is a busy job but that makes the time fly. I also get to interact with the coworkers and customers for about 8 hours. (Yes, I am an extrovert and, yes, I come home stoked about the work and getting to interact with people.) It is a blessing and I am excited about the opportunities that God has for me at work.

Have a blessed week and remember, God is good and He loves you!

Adelina is a GREAT big sister
Neighborhood kids threw Adelina an Impromptu Early Birthday


One thought on “You Live On Allegrini…

  1. This is the best time of your life so enjoy the open arms of your children; you will remember and wish that you had just one more day to kiss their face off ! Dolores Mitchell

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