Fishers Of Men…


Clean Teeth
Clean Teeth

I realized something as I gave a devotional to some elementary age children. We are talking about being Fishers of Men and I was trying to explain how to practically tell others the Good News about God without simply blurting out, “Accept Jesus or go to Hell.” (This works for some but is usually a conversation killer.) So, I did some quick thinking on my feet and explained to the kids there are three really easy ways to start talking to others about God.

1. Tell people something you have read in your Bible.

I should probably preface this one by saying you need to be reading your Bible in order to share something that you have read recently! Isn’t it amazing what people will talk about?!?! Who doesn’t like to share a really cool video off of youtube, or maybe a cool picture that you came across on Facebook? Well, why can’t we share a really cool thing about something that God did? For instance, have you ever read the story of how Elijah was taken up into Heaven in a whirlwind on a fiery chariot? (II Kings 2) Or, have you read about Elisha and the invisible army of angels? (II Kings 6) That is cool stuff! It is even cooler because IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!

2. Tell people how God has answered one of your prayers.

I should also preface this one by saying you need to be praying for God to have something to answer! Jess and I have been amazed in the past month at how God has been answering prayers. I was offered a full-time job at Trader Joe’s this last Saturday. Ding ding ding! It was an answer to prayer!!! What a perfect opportunity to share about God. I have been praying for a job and God has answered. Not only that, but He has been providing for us during the wait!!! I was given three weeks of work, which has filled in perfectly for right when I start at Trader Joe’s. Come on! How can God NOT have His hand’s all over that?!?! But, if God answers a prayer then let others know about it!

3. Tell others how God is or will work in your life.

My sister introduced us to her boyfriend last night and we had a lovely time together. He was polite, kind, helpful, tender-hearted, intelligent, and engaging. He asked some great questions and wanted to know more about what were going to do as missionaries. He studied international affairs in college and he was nervous about us moving to Africa or Indonesia. “Aren’t you afraid of what might happen to you? Are you going to carry a gun?” he asked. No, we are not going to carry a gun. Are we afraid? I told him that, from a worldly perspective, it is a scary thing to move to another country and I would have serious doubts about what might happen. But, if I believe in God and I believe He is who He says He is, then I don’t have anything that I need to fear. If God has called us to serve as missionaries, then He is going to be with us and He can protect us from whatever may happen. I also realize that following God does not guarantee safety. However, if something bad happens, I know God will use it to bring glory to His name. I am good with that.

So, I have to tell you, this is something that just hit me today. I wish I did this more often myself. Here’s hoping and praying that we will do a better job at fishing for men and not being afraid to share how great is our God!!!

This is how we slide!
This is how we slide!

Goat's at Andelin Farm

Goat’s at Andelin Farm


Aunt Lynnae
Aunt Lynnae



3 thoughts on “Fishers Of Men…

  1. Congratulations on getting the job! God’s fingerprints were definitely all over that. He is truly amazing in how he provides for us!

  2. Family in Christ,
    I thank God for you and your hearts for Him. We are experiencing His firm hand in our lives likely and just can’t keep quiet! Rejoicing with you. Jess when you get a chance please give me a call I don’t have your contact info. #424-3501

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