Sharing The Good News…

In the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to work a variety of jobs. Two of these jobs have opened up doors for me to share/live out the gospel. The first job is a care giver job when I spent the night (awake) at a couple’s home and helped the man get in and out of bed to use the bathroom. I didn’t spend a lot of time with the family while they were awake, but I was able to care for them whenever they needed me. On the last night that I worked I sat down with the wife and let her tell me all about her husband. I asked her questions and she would go from one story to the next. She couldn’t stop talking about what an amazing husband she had. She also asked me questions about my family and I told her about what we are planning to do with mission aviation. It was a blessing to serve that couple. He passed away the morning after my last shift. The family told my employer that I had done a great job and had become like one of the family in the short time that I spent with them. I was excited because I felt that I was able to be the hands and feet of Christ for this man and his family during the last days of his life.

The second job was one that I have done before but seemed to have come out of nowhere. The director of the pre-school at Summit Christian Church called me a week and a half ago and asked if I could help fill in with their off-track program. (This is a kind of child-care program that watches elementary age kids when they have a month off from year-round school.) It will only be for three weeks, but it will be useful while we wait for more hours from the care-giver job or possibly get hired with Trader Joe’s! Last week was building up toward Easter and I had the idea to read the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection from “The Jesus Storybook Bible.” (If you don’t know, this is one of the BEST kid’s Bibles around!!!) After reading the story, I had the chance to share the Gospel with over 40 kids and explain why Jesus died on the cross. I know that some of the kids have already accepted Christ but it was a blessing to be able to lay it out for them and give them an opportunity to accept Christ, if they haven’t already. YAHOO!!! What fun and what a blessing that God has given to us!!!

We continue to wait for God as we figure out where I will work for the next 9 months. I had a second interview with Trader Joe’s last Thursday and I thought it went very well. One of the managers who interviewed me first saw me before the interview and said, “Oh man, I am so glad to see you back! I asked about you yesterday and was hoping that you would come back. You are going to do great!” He was more excited than I was!!!

We had some great time with our neighbors this last weekend and we are excited to keep pouring into them. Our kids did an Easter egg hunt together and they invited us to dinner some time this week. They also asked if we like to camp and if we would want to go camping with them this summer! Pray that God would give us wisdom in when/how we can share with them.

God is GOOD! We hope and pray that you had a wonderful Easter and were able to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! May God give you a full understanding of all that you have in Christ with each new day!

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs
Jeremiah's New Rocking Airplane
Jeremiah’s New Rocking Airplane
Easter Fun
Easter Fun




4 thoughts on “Sharing The Good News…

  1. Thanks for sharing The Good News Phil ! Your blog touched my heartstrings. Shanna and I both had the humbling experience of caregiving for both her parents in their last days moving from Earth to Heaven. It was definetly life changing for us. No better place to be than being the Hands and Feet of Jesus to those He places in our care for a brief moment in time.

  2. I love reading your post, they are like a devotional to me. I also couldn’t help thinking that you and Jess are living a like Jesus-town to town, job to job sharing the gospel as you go.

  3. Your posts often challenge me in my own life. Thanks for the awesome updates, Phil. I just applied for a job that you could apply for as well if you’d like. Whole foods has an opening in produce.

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