He Bends Down…

I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen I will pray as long as I have breath!

Psalm 116:1,2 NLT

Jess and I have been digging into the Word and it has helped that we are finding our groove back here in Sparks. (It also helps that the kids are sometimes sleeping in until 7:00!!!) I came across this psalm a few days ago and I was struck by the first two verses. In particular, I love the part that says “he bends down to listen.” How amazing that God bends down to hear my prayer. He leans in and takes in every Word! He hears my voice, He listens to what I have to say!!!

I love how personal God is to those who trust in Him. He never wants to be the “other up there.” He wants us to be HIS people and He wants to be OUR God. I am so thankful that God is MY God, and I am thankful that He answers prayers. Here are a few of the ways that He is answering our prayers…

1) I got a job as a flight instructor and also as a care-giver to the elderly. (I know that you know this but it is still an answer to prayer, so I say HALLELUJAH!!!) I am also waiting to hear back from Trader Joe’s after having an interview last Friday!

2) God continues to provide for our family as I have been out of work. A good friend of ours, who wouldn’t want to be named, did our taxes and we are going to get a helpful return from last year.

3) We continue to have great conversations with our neighbors and we are working on inviting them to church for Easter!!!

We are so grateful that God bends down to listen to ours and your prayers! Thank you for continuing to stay in touch with us and follow us on this journey! You are a blessing to us!

The blessing of a park near our house!!!
The blessing of a park near our house!!!
A new tricycle from the Steward’s
Perfect end to a day!
Fun with Grandma
A wonderful Mommy, a loving sister, and a sweet boy!


One thought on “He Bends Down…

  1. So inspired by Gods faithfulness to you two and your kiddos. I’m so happy to be a daughter of the King! May God continue to draw your hearts into His ocean deep.

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