Ways To Pray…

Let me see!!!
Let me see!!!

What an amazing weekend!!! Jessica had the opportunity to “go up to the mountain” to spend some time with God and roughly 70 other women. Our home church, Summit Christian Church, runs a ministry called an “Encounter” where the attendees are invited to get away and have and encounter with God. I am unable to say much about the ministry but I can tell you that is a time of powerful ministry. Jess came back wrecked (in a good way), tired, and grateful for what God did. Thanks to everyone who prayed and all of those made the weekend possible!

We have a few big things coming up this week and I wanted to share them so you can pray with us. The first thing is that I need a job! I have been in communication with an FAA-certified Repair Station where I would like to work as a mechanic. I would be able to receive compensation as well as gain valuable experience for the future. I have stopped by every week just to make sure they know that I really want the job. I was told to call this Wednesday in order to find out if they are going to hire me. Please pray that I would find favor with the owner as he looks at whether or not to bring on another mechanic.

The second thing is that we are moving our renters out of our house so we can move back in this weekend. It is going to be a busy week and it has been a little stressful for Adelina. She’s had a hard time this week and Jessica learned today that it is because she is scared about moving…again. (It has been tough for all of us as we have lived a nomadic lifestyle for the past 7 months.) Please pray that we will quickly move our renters out, be able to move in this Saturday, and that our kids will enjoy this transition that will lead to a stable life for the rest of the year. We are looking forward to settling down and getting into a routine with work, family, and fellowship with friends!

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers thus far. We are blessed beyond belief! We look forward to this next year and keeping you all involved with all of our goings on!

Jeremiah LOVES his big sister!
Jeremiah LOVES his big sister!
Brushing teeth with Grandpa Dirk
Brushing teeth with Grandpa Dirk



3 thoughts on “Ways To Pray…

  1. I know this transitioning is really tough in many ways…especially when it comes to the children… that’s what hits closest to home. Praying for God’s grace and favor for you Phil in this possible job opportunity. Re Women’s Encounter… yes God did meet us there in powerful ways and continues to meet me as I make myself available to Him daily. Praying for your move back into your home, for stability and much encouragement from those He brings your way. The journey you are on with Him will continue no matter where you are. And his faithfulness will abound no matter how difficult it seems. The encouragement that God gives me is that in striving, persevering and facing troubles only He grows my commitment and faith in what I have chosen to believe about God and Jesus Christ and that it grows and matures me more. It isn’t fun, but it is profitable. Compared to eternity… it’s nothing… Love you. Much blessings from Him who loves you so much…

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