God’s Timing…

MAF 206
MAF 206

There are times in life when you are certain that you heard from God. You talk with your wife and she feels exactly the same way! This must be where God is leading! He has made it clear! Then the hard part comes…waiting!!!

Has it ever seemed like God was in less of a hurry than you are? Peculiar. Me too. I believe that I see where God is leading and I immediately make plans for it to happen in the quickest way possible. I schedule everything and expect it to happen just so. Then, it rarely works out the way I see it going and it often takes longer than planned.

Take the TE here at MAF. I had two weeks to get three good days of weather to fly and it has not happened! Not one good flying day during the week. Then, we get a beautiful day to fly on Sunday but they do not fly on the weekend!!! (Yeah, all I could do was shake my head and laugh. Most people would blame it on Murphy but I think that it is God who has the best sense of humor!) So, I have 4 days to get 3 flights in, otherwise I will have to return at the end of April to finish the TE. This is not what I planned.

The next bit of timing conflict comes in concerning the July candidacy class. As long as everything goes well with the TE, we would be able to attend candidacy on July 8th, which includes learning all about MAF, officially being accepted and assigned a country, and then learning how to raise support before being sent off to develop ministry partnerships! Well, baby #3 is due on July 9th…one day after candidacy begins.

But God, this is not what I planned!

I certainly don’t want to pull an Abraham and try to short-cut God’s promise. This is the time to wait. This is the time to trust. I must remind myself again and again that God is in the process, not just waiting at the destination. There is a reason that it will take time, probably more time than I wanted. I don’t know what the reason is but we must stay committed to God and pour our lives into every moment, every life that comes into ours.

The road to become a missionary pilot/mechanic is a long one. We have completed many of the necessary steps but there are still a few more that lay ahead. We must complete candidacy, orientation, technical standardization, possibly some turbine engine training, and then language school. Though it is long we know that it is a worthwhile journey. The road unfolds before us. We cannot live years, months, or even days ahead. The future will come, but we will live in the now and enjoy the way as we wait for God’s perfect timing!

This sweet kiss...
This sweet kiss…

...turns into this!!!
…turns into this!!!


3 thoughts on “God’s Timing…

  1. You’ve got turbine training, Phil; you are way smart enough. I am anxious to see where God is leading, and I will keep my mouth shut at that. God can do many things–and impossible things–from here.

    – js

  2. Yep, I agree with r y. God’s process is timely and perfect. Praying that you will enjoy God’s process for you and your family. What is time to God… a “drop in the bucket”. Blessings dear ones.

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