It Has Begun…

We made it to MAF! This is what’s left of Nate Saint’s plane…

Whew, we made it! It snowed extra hard in Reno on Friday night and I was a concerned that we might have trouble driving up to Nampa, ID. Well, the Lord gave us a clear blue sky on Saturday and we made it to Nampa without any trouble. (Both kids took great naps!) We are extremely blessed to be able to stay at a friend’s house here in Idaho. We knew them from Summit and they moved up to Idaho a few years back. It has been a tremendous blessing and we are thanking God every day that we get to wake up in this warm house.

Bob and Peggy Bingham have opened up their home to us and we are all having a great time being here! Peggy has even offered to watch our children on Tuesday while we visit a Psychologist. This is huge because we would otherwise have to drive 30 minutes out of our way to drop our kids off at MAF headquarters and then drive back to Boise. Yes, God is good!

Here is what our next week looks like…

Monday: I flew today and did some ground work with my instructor. Jess and I met with the Candidate Committee and had a great time answering their questions and letting them get to know us!

Tuesday: Visit the Psychologist in Boise. (I know that you are all thinking it, and yes this is primarily for me because you all know that Jess is not crazy!)

Wednesday: Fly if the weather is good. Fix if the weather is bad.

Thursday: Same

Friday: Same

The hope is that I will get to do three more flights this week and complete the maintenance next week, but we just don’t know what the weather is going to do. Today, we got out to the practice area and all I could see was white! I could see the ground if I looked out my side window!

Here is how you can pray…

  1. For Good weather so I can fly!
  2. That MAF would get to know us as we spend time with them.
  3. That I would be diligent and pro-active while flying so that I can fly to a high standard.
  4. For the Lord’s favor. If this is where we are to be, then we want God to make it clear to us and to MAF!

Thanks and God Bless! We will let you know when we find out!!!

Getting ready in the Morning! Too bad I studied all the maintenance stuff and then they said, "We are flying today!" Woops...
Getting ready in the Morning! Too bad I studied all the maintenance stuff and then they said, “We are flying today!” Woops…
Our girl...reading Bonhoeffer!
Our girl…reading Bonhoeffer!
The Boss
The Boss





6 thoughts on “It Has Begun…

  1. Hi guys! I’m praying that everything works out just perfectly for you, Did you know that you are in the place of our future? look around Meridian, Eagle or Star Idaho. Somewhere around there is our future home! Continued blessings to you all.

  2. Hey guys,
    Your first pic reminded me of a visit with our school kids to see Steve saint. He has a shop near Dunnellon,Florida where we were living and was testing/building planes for transport to the mission field in S. America. During our tour of the facility, Mincaye, the Ecuadorian tribesman that killed Nick Saint, dropped by. We all got to talk to him and hear his testimony.

    Y’all are in our prayers!

  3. We will be praying for your requests and Proverbs 3:5-6 for you and Jessica during your time there. Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon!

  4. Adding your request to our morning prayers; that the Lord will open only the doors that HE wants your family to go through……..

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