Something’s Gonna Happen…

Doug and Brandi's Rehearsal Dinner
Doug and Brandi’s Rehearsal Dinner

Good news! I spoke with the recruiters at MAF this week and we were invited to “try-out” and perform a Technical Evaluation (TE) in January! Wahoo!!! We still have a few more things to do, such as an extensive medical exam, but we are well on our way. It is a little daunting to go through another TE so soon after our TE with JAARS, but I am excited to find out if we will be going with MAF. I am going to have to hit the books hard again, especially since I am further away from my school experience and MAF gives a number of written and oral tests during the evaluation. Please pray that I take the time to prepare and study what needs to be studied. I also need to get some more time in a high performance airplane (high performance means a single engine with 200 horsepower or more) and brush up on my instrument flying skills. Thank you for all of the support and love that you have extended to us. A little more than a month and we will have an answer!!!

Jeremiah loves to fly...he loves pretty much everything and everybody!
Jeremiah loves to fly…he loves pretty much everything and everybody!

Feliz Navidad!!! No, we didn’t visit Mexico but we did travel to Ohio to take part in our dear friend’s wedding! Douglas Ruyle married Brandi Miller this past Saturday and what a celebration it was! One of our favorite things in life is to go to the weddings of our friends. It is such a beautiful thing to witness the joining of two souls, especially when they are crazy in love with one another. It is also beautiful because it reminds me what a great gift marriage is and I am increasingly grateful for my wife. Another reason that it is beautiful is because it gives us a glimpse into Christ’s relationship with the Church.

The ceremony was beautiful and everything went as planned. We had a great time seeing our friends and introducing our kids to everyone. The most touching part of the ceremony was when Doug washed Brandi’s feet after the vows. I watched their tearful exchange as he poured water over her feet and told her about his devotion to her. I know that they will do well!

We will be flying back home tomorrow and look forward to spending Christmas with our Reno family and our Summit family! May God Bless you all during this season and may His gift, Jesus, have the highest place in your lives!!!


One thought on “Something’s Gonna Happen…

  1. We too went to a wedding this year, and my nephew’s new bride washed his feet during the
    ceremony. It brought most of us to tears, in sharing in this truly amazing moment. It is always
    wonderful to hear about your family and see pics. of your beautiful kids.
    Paula Brenneman

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