New Course: SET…

"Can I eat THIS part?"
“Can I eat THIS part?”

We feel like we know where God is leading, but a little back story first…

We have been praying a lot these past few weeks and wrestling with where we should go. I know there are different ideas about God’s will but I am one who believes that God has specific plans for our lives. I am not saying that every choice I make is planned ahead of time and I am also not saying that everyone is living the story that God intended for them, but I think that God has a plan for us and He wants to make it known to us. I often think about Ephesians 2:10, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

So, we have been asking God where He is leading and I felt like God was calling us to serve as campus missionaries in Arizona for a couple reasons:

  1. JAARS mentioned that it would be helpful for me to get more experience and I would be able to work at the flight school part-time and go to Alaska to serve as a missionary pilot / mechanic over the summers.
  2. We have a young family with tiny kids and we would like to have some more. We could serve in ministry for a while, have all of our kids in the US since the past two pregnancies have had complications, and then join MAF when the kids are out of diapers and easy(er) (ish) to care for!
  3. We would get to serve with some of our favorite people on the planet and disciple college students whom we already love.

So, we were dialed down with this and then we visited a LIFE! Group last Thursday. Bob and Verna Linch, along with their amazing LIFE! Group, are some of sweetest people that we know. They have been meeting faithfully for 5+ years and they are always finding ways to serve the community. We came to their LIFE! Group and they flat out loved us in the most simple ways. They asked about our time in Michigan and leaned in as we told them how God has led us up to this point in our lives. It is an amazing testimony of how LIFE! Groups and simple, small acts of love can communicate volumes!

Jess and I left the group feeling energized and encouraged. As we drove home, we both had the feeling that God was stirring our hearts. I asked Jess if she was thinking about MAF and she said that she was. It turns out that we hadn’t admitted to ourselves how much it had hurt when we weren’t accepted by JAARS and God used that LIFE! Group to start the healing process. God broke down some of our barriers and He was challenging us to step out in faith once more, to step out and risk being rejected again. Whew!!!

So, we have decided to pursue a career with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship). We are coming back to where we started and we have already almost finished our initial application with MAF. It is intense up front and we are gearing up for it. We plan to take our Technical Evaluation in the Spring of 2013. We also need to figure out a job and a new place to live. We have some leads on both but your prayers are mightily appreciated. We know that God is leading and will provide. He always has and I have no doubt that He always will.

May God bless you all and be with you during this Christmas season. May you be filled with the hope of your salvation as you remember the Lord’s birth, the Word made flesh. Hallelujah!!!

Do you trust a face like that? Yeah, me neither!!!
Do you trust a face like that? Yeah, me neither!!!
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
What is it? Can it fit in my mouth?
What is it? Can it fit in my mouth?

4 thoughts on “New Course: SET…

  1. We are so glad God has answered your prayers and you now have a plan that He has provided! It sounds just perfect for you at this point in your lives! God bless you all!

  2. We are in prayer with you! Reading your blogs are for me reading a devotional. I always close the page with tears in my eyes and a stirring in my spirit. God is good!
    Love to you all!

  3. What a blessing you both have always been to our group!. We were thrilled to have you last week
    you have many offers for a baby sitter with those darling children. We have always been
    very interested in what you are doing. God Bless and please come back anytime you can.

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