Up To…

Horseshoe Bend

I have spent the last few days in AZ to visit the Chi Alpha Campus Ministry at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Both Jessica and I were a part of this ministry during our time in Prescott and we love what they are doing with college students. The ministry centers around community and discipleship. Kevin and Kim MacFee moved to Prescott in the late 90’s after working in youth ministry. Kevin was at his home church one day and heard about a former student who had gone off to college and completely abandoned his faith. This affected Kevin so much that he was determined to work with college students. They have been faithfully serving in Prescott ever since.

The Grand Canyon and the Colorado River!

I had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin and some of the other staff workers to ask questions about the ministry and see if there is a place for us to serve. I attended the Friday night service for Chi Alpha and then went on a hiking trip up in Page, AZ. We hiked two different canyons and I had the chance to hang out with a number of students. It was great to see how the ministry continues to develop deep, meaningful relationships through shared experiences. It was amazing to hear some of the conversations that took place in the cars, over meals, while scrambling up a bunch of rocks, playing cards, and while taking in a breathtaking view.

I fly home on Tuesday and then drive up to Nampa, ID to visit MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) headquarters. I am going to meet with some of their recruiters, fly a plane for a consult flight, and spend some time in their shop. It is a way that both parties can see if it would be a good fit. I can ask all of the questions that I need to ask and they get to see if I have the skills/personality that they are looking for in a pilot/mechanic. We still have the option to serve as a mechanic with JAARS but we want to explore all of our options.

I can crawl!!!

Adelina and Jeremiah are doing great. They continue to get settled now that we are not living out of suitcases. Adelina loves to go to music class and play hide-and-seek. Jeremiah has two bottom teeth and he smiles constantly. Jessica has sent off a children’s book to a publishing agent and we are waiting anxiously for any news! God continues to reassure us and walk with us as we dream about our next adventure. Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying and standing with us. We will keep you all posted and let you know as soon as we know anything new!

Sweet Girl!

3 thoughts on “Up To…

  1. Thank you for your faithfulness to following God’s plan- I love that you keep us up to date with words but I LOVE the pictures! Guess that’s why I’m in children’s ministry.
    Prayers and all our love…from the Hustads

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