Step by Step

Today I (Jess) heard the worship song, “Waiting Here for You.”  The kids were down for their naps, Phil was at the JAARS flight line, and I had a moment with the Lord.  As I sung those precious words, I remembered that our God is mighty to save, that He is near, that He is worth waiting for, and that His love and His plans are more than enough.

Phil completed the first week of his Technical Evaluation with JAARS which was the maintenance portion.  This week begins the flight portion.  Phil has a total of six flights to complete.  He was scheduled to have two flights today but they both had to be postponed due to weather.  The weather situation afforded Phil the opportunity to show real-life airmanship and decision making skills.  Although getting two of the flights done today would have been a blessing, we trust God’s perfect plan and timing.

During our stay here at the JAARS campus we are meeting people who have served all over the world.  One thing is becoming poignantly clear in our hearts.  We are more and more compelled that the work JAARS is doing is of the highest importance.  JAARS pilot / mechanics serve the people who translate the Bible to those who do not yet have God’s Word in their heart language.  The people of Wycliffe / JAARS spend their time and talents bringing the gospel of peace to the hearts of men.  What could have greater value?  What could have a more lasting impact?  We knew that this type of work was of value, to be sure, but the sense of urgency is growing in our hearts.

Can you imagine how you would navigate your life, your relationships without God’s Word readily accesible?  Can you imagine our marriages, our children, our friendships,  our churches without a solid biblical foundation?  If we are accepted by Wycliffe / JAARS we would get to help bring the Bible to those who have never memorized a verse in their heart language, or have marinated on the promises of peace, or reveled in the lavish love of their Savior in the language they feel most deeply.

If we are chosen, it is our honor.  If we are accepted, we are blessed.  If it costs all that we have, it is worth it.  Please keep us in prayer.  This coming Friday we will have our answer and no matter what it is, we will trust.  And, we will go.

May your days be full of purpose and your nights full of peace.

Jess, Phil, and the Kiddos



2 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. I can’t believe it’s this Friday that you find out. It seems to have come so fast! Your Ionia family is praying for you :).

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