There is a season…


We learn in Ecclesiastes that there is a season for everything.  If ever there were a season to pray, this is it.

Today I (Jess) am writing our blog and reflecting on the fact that in one week from now Phil will begin his Technical Evaluation with JAARS.  In nineteen days from today, we will know if we are invited to serve with JAARS and, Lord willing, we will be assigned a country in which to serve.  We are so excited, it’s silly!  And yet, we are sober minded and eager to pray.

Last night our precious, faithful friends, Brady and Mirte Iubelt came over to pray with us.  They thanked God for the plans He has for our family, they reminded us of bedrock Scriptural promises, and they stood with us in our heartfelt desire to serve the Lord and make Him happy.

Three weeks ago, Adelina (our two-year-old) said, “Mommy, I want to go home.”  “Baby, we don’t have a home right now, but, God is preparing a home for us and soon we will know where it is. Mommy and Daddy are always with you and wherever we are, that is our home.”  Our little missionary is already learning to hold life loosely and embrace our fluid existence.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will fast and pray for Phil.  As a wife, I am proud to tell you that he is studying and serving tirelessly.  He has performed a memorial service, volunteered as an A and P, received more training in a tail wheel aircraft, offered a communion meditation at Summit, attended services, studied in quiet corners, attended a leader’s retreat, shook hands, prayed with, loved on, and foot-washed people every day we’ve been back home.  He knows that serving our church and preparing for his T.E. are honors and he does so with a smile.  We are nothing but grateful.  And as a wife, I bask in the glow of my husband’s faithful heart.

Speaking of faithful: so many of you, so very many friends from our home church and across the U.S. have been especially encouraging during this season.  You have spoken words of hope and assurance, you have listened with attentive eyes to our daughter’s stories, you have smiled long at Jeremiah, and you have welled with tears of joy as we take this next, very important step.  We are grateful.

So now, will you pray?  Will you pray that our hopeful expectation abides as we travel back across the country?  Will you pray for God’s favor upon every aspect of Phil’s evaluation?  Will you pray that our friends at JAARS can see us for who we truly are and be encouraged by the testimony of God in our lives?  Will you pray that the leadership at JAARS will feel a clear, unified call for where we are to serve and that Adelina’s new home (and new friends) will be being prepared for her?  Will you pray that I am able to connect with other wives and ministry staff?  Will you pray that my children sleep well and adjust quickly?  Will you pray for that moment, on the twentieth of October, when we are told what’s next for our family?

And may you know that we are more thankful for every prayer that’s prayed than words could ever say.



Practicing landing in a Super Decathlon
Baby J
Real-life Radial engine in the shop

6 thoughts on “There is a season…

  1. Phil & Jess,
    We are holding your family up before God who has, is,and will continue to lead according to His will. None of us knows what that looks like, just yet. Our comfort comes from the fact that He does. Enjoy the ride. We are with you all the way. Ric & Carol

  2. I love how you put the truth, to “hold life loosely and embrace our fluid existence”. What a simple, yet rich truth and a reminder to those of us who’s roots have been planted in the same soil for decades. We will continue to stand with you in prayer during this exciting, hopeful time.

  3. Phil and Jess, what an exceptional example you are to us! Thank you for asking us to pray for you and your family. It is our joy to do so. Love you! Dan and Saundra Langum

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