Kevin MacFee…

Kevin and Jeremiah

Kevin and Kim MacFee have had a tremendous impact on both of our lives. Kevin is the campus pastor for Chi Alpha at Embry-Riddle, he married us on July 31 2004, and he and Kim have spent hours of time mentoring us. One of the best things about Kevin is that he has the ability to know people extremely well and then call out the good things. To put it plainly, Kevin and Kim are family.

Kevin broke his leg almost 4 weeks ago as he was leading a group of pastors down a slot-canyon in Zion National Park. Two weeks later, his leg began to swell so he went to the E.R. They found three blood-clots which span the length of his right leg. They are restricting the return path for the blood and causing pain whenever his leg his not elevated. It is a serious situation and we are praying for Kevin and his family. It will take roughly 6 months for the clots to be absorbed by his body. Please pray with us that God would give their family peace, heal Kevin’s leg, and use this time for His glory.

Speaking at Chi Alpha

Jess and I were able to meet with two churches in Prescott and tell them about our plans to be missionaries. Both churches were excited to hear about where God is leading us. We also had the opportunity to speak with two different groups at Chi Alpha. On Tuesday we encouraged the leaders to follow God wherever he may lead as well as share some helpful principles to be an effective leader. Then, I spoke to the main body of Chi Alpha on Friday evening about pursuing a rich relationship with God and people. A pastor on Sunday put it well when he said, “Leverage every relationship for the Kingdom.”

Lina and her best friend, Eliana Ritchie

We made it back to Reno!!! After 3,778.3 miles, give or take a few, we drove into Reno at approximately 3:58 pm. We had a wonderful road trip but it is good to finally land somewhere! Whew! God continued to pour out his grace and our kids did an amazing job the whole time. Thank you again for your prayers! We will spend the next three weeks getting ready for the Technical Evaluation with JAARS, connecting with friends, and hanging out at Summit Christian Church!

Jess and Lina are in the Hood!
Kim MacFee and Jeremiah
Good choice, my son. Good choice!

6 thoughts on “Kevin MacFee…

  1. So happy you had a safe trip back to Reno, It does not seem like a year has passed . It will be so good to see you at church.

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