2018.96 Miles Down…

Lina with her Cousins

…1759.34 Miles to go!!! (Isn’t Mapquest great?!?!)

Have you ever prayed or heard someone pray for “travel mercies?” We want to thank you all of you who have been praying for “travel mercies” for our trip because it has been amazing thus far. Adelina, who never sleeps in the car, has slept every time we have been driving during her nap time! Jeremiah…well, he has been amazing since he was born, but today he slept for almost 4 and 1/2 hours after we ate lunch! God is good!

We spent the last week in South Carolina with my brother and his family and the weekend in Mississippi with Jessica’s father and his family. Adelina has had a great time with her cousins and “aunts.” She absolutely LOVES to swim and dance. Jeremiah has yet to meet a face that doesn’t make him smile!

God continues to work upstream as we prepare to serve as missionaries. I had the opportunity to speak with a couple who are friends of my brother and sister-in-law. They had heard a little about what Jessica and I are up to but I was able to tell them even more about what we have been doing in Michigan and what we have planned for this Fall. After we left my brother’s house, my sister-in-law sent us a text informing us that the couple wanted to hear about what is going with us and they are interested in being part of our support team once we are accepted by a mission organization. WOW! We were speechless with tears in our eyes as we drove from South Carolina. It is amazing to see how God is working and providing for us even before we know who we will serve with and where we might serve.

I’m NOT Tired

Tonight we are in Dallas, Texas staying with my cousin and tomorrow night we hope to be in New Mexico.  Tomorrow is slated to be our longest travel day in the car and after a night of visiting friends we land in Arizona for 10 days where we will connect with precious friends from our campus ministry days.  Please pray for more great conversations, connections, and Divine encounters with all the friends, family, and strangers we encounter on our journey.  We remain increasingly grateful for the people who are praying for us and we hope to make you proud everywhere we go.

Feeding the ducks!
Using Floaties for the first time!!!
Handsome Boy
She did it all by herself!!! B-R-A-V-E



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