Visit to NC…

Playing the piano and singing with Mimi

One of the most precious commodities in life is time. And we are making the most of our time as we spent the last week in North Carolina with Mimi & Pops, Phil’s parents. What a wonderful week spent with our family! Adelina got to hang out with Mimi at the piano, with Pops at the children’s museum, and with her parents at the neighborhood pool. A highlight of the week was on Saturday night. Mimi & Pops hosted a dessert for the missions team and a small group from their church. Jess and I were able to tell them about the things that God has been doing, share about what we hope to do as missionaries, and tell them about our plans for the next year. It was our first presentation and it went very well. We are looking forward to the future that God has for us and getting the opportunity to share it with others!

Jeremiah hanging with Pops

My friend, Tobias, was able to hang out with our family for a few days before he flew back to Germany. It was such a blessing to introduce him to my family and to spend a few more days with him. He was my closest friend in Michigan this year and it was a tearful goodbye. It has been a blessing to know him and to share our time at school with him. It was hard to say goodbye but we are excited about the adventure that lies ahead for him. He is starting flight school in South Africa this November. God has his hand on Tobias’ life and can’t wait to see where his adventure leads.

Isn’t it amazing how God has perfect plans for each and every one of us?

Happy Baby with Aunt Chris
Tobias and FarFar
That’s what I’m talking about!!!

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