It’s Alive…

Here’s Goes Nothing!!! Yes, we have two fire extinguishes because who knows what could happen!!!

Wow, our engine actually runs!!! Amazing! We started with a hunk of an engine and now we have a 6 cylinder, 260 horsepower beast that still leaks a little bit of oil and is learning how to idle! We were able to run our engine for the first time last Thursday. It started up on the first try but it wouldn’t idle because it was getting too much fuel and the oil pressure was extremely high. We soon found out that the oil pressure relief valve had been set too high and the excess pressure was too much for the oil cooler! Whoops! We ruined the oil cooler and had to mount a new one after making sure that it was the oil pressure relief valve that had made the pressure so high.

Wait, you mean the oil cooler is not supposed to bulge out like that?!?!

Our current task is to tinker and adjust the idle mixture setting as well as the fuel pump pressure so that our engine will develop its maximum rated power! While there is a part of me that wishes our engine would have already been set perfectly and that no more adjustments need to be made, the rest of me knows that I am at school to learn how to do things well and right. And let’s be honest, how many times in “real” life does everything go as planned and without a hitch? Isn’t this similar to how God works in our lives? We learn to have faith and God shapes us when things are tough, not when everything is easy and life is grand! Thank you, Father, for the storms.

Hangin’ out with Grandma & Grandpa Dirk
Love you, Grandpa Dirk!

2 thoughts on “It’s Alive…

  1. Hi Phil, Jessica and family,

    Way to go on you first try on the engine and remember if things don’t go wrong you are not learning, because you are doing what you already know. Just a little wisdom from an old professor. We are praying for you almost every day and that everyone will be better soon. Thanks for the pictures.

    Bernie and Maggie

    PS. Mark is on a softball team this summer, but it is not with Summit since they dropped the team he was on due to not enought signups.

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