Powerplant Test…


I took my Powerplant Oral and Practical Test today and I PASSED! Now, all I have to do is complete the rest of my time at SMAT and take the written test and I will be an FAA-certified Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic! Wahoo!

It was a good day and a straightforward test. The oral questions were the same ones that I have been studying in a test guide. The practical test included various inspections and using manuals to locate parts and perform basic tasks. One of the most important things to remember as a mechanic is to use the manual provided by the manufacturer. Even if I come to a place where I have done a task hundreds of times, it is still important to use the manual.

Most of the projects went very well and I was able to complete the test in 7 and 1/2 hours. I filed out a nick on a propeller, timed a magneto to an engine, performed a compression check on a cylinder, explained the operation of a turbine engine, located and explained how to set the pressure on an engine oil system, checked a fuel screen for contamination, and inspected an engine and all of its parts to see if it was airworthy. I can’t explain much more because the rest of my class will be taking the same test. They will probably be given different projects but I shouldn’t go into too much detail.

The River Trail

We have less than 4 weeks left in Ionia! My, how the time flies. We look forward to the future but we are really going to miss this place. We have started a new Sunday morning tradition. We usually bake some muffins or a sweet loaf of bread on Saturday night. After the kids wake up, we get them dressed and then go for a walk on a trail along the Grand River. Adelina munches on snacks and we enjoy the beauty and peace of God’s creation. The first time we walked was on Father’s Day and we saw two deer on the trail. There are always rabbits, birds, butterflies, and even a few black squirrels. It is a wonderful time for us to spend as a family.

As we wrap up our time here in Ionia, please pray that…

  1. We finish well at school
  2. Make the most of the relationships that we have built with our neighbors
  3. Have fun packing and getting ready to move
  4. Have safe travels as we visit friends, family, and churches on our way back to Reno
Daddy’s loves this dress!
Adelina is teaching Jeremiah how to hear his own heartbeat!
Yeah, I’m cute!

4 thoughts on “Powerplant Test…

    1. Congrats on all your hard work paying off. Your family is a blessing, wherever God sends you. Thank you for your inspiring updates. Prayers with you and yours. Blessings, Kathy and Kai Martin

  1. You guys are a beautiful family, leaving the fingerprints of God wherever you go! 🙂
    I always enjoy reading your blogs and LOVE the pictures! Please forgive me for not letting you know that until now…

  2. Greetings from California! We’re trying to get settled here after our move. Will be so sorry not to get to see you when you get back to Reno but know you will all be blessed by your visit with family and old friends, all of whom love and have missed you. You are ever in our prayers……….

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