Everything In Its Place…

Now it REALLY looks like an engine!

Every piece, every part of an engine has a specific part to play, a role to fulfill. The cylinders contain combustion, fins allow for cooling, oil passageways allow for lubrication, pistons and connecting rods transfer power to rotate the crankshaft, the camshaft raises the lifters which open the valves to allow for air to come in and exhaust to go out, etc… We are almost done assembling the engine and it is getting more and more exciting. We should have it running this week!!! It is amazing how many different parts there are and how vital each part is to another. If one part fails to do its job, it can cause a cylinder to stop working or the engine to fail altogether.

The time spent assembling the engine has allowed me to reflect on this dynamic in the body of Christ. Every disciple must play their part and get involved or else the body will not work as it should. It is basic math. A 6-cylinder engine running on only 2 cylinders will not be as efficient as one running on all 6 cylinders. The body of Christ won’t be effective until every person is doing their part!

As I thought about this issue that is as old as the first church in Corinth (and it is even older I’m sure), I came to the realization that it is not my job to make others do their job! And I found such freedom in this fact! I am not their master. God is! I am to fulfill MY job. And, along the way, I should encourage others, set a good example, and possibly provide some correction but I am not responsible for what they choose to do and how they choose to live.

The beautiful thing is that God is working and perfecting His bride. He is doing it in His timing and by His process. I can see this in my own life. There have been things that people have tried to teach me or change in me, but it wasn’t until God worked in me, softened my heart, and revealed my sin/error that I desired to change. Amazing! God will work, God will act, God will perfect because He is Lord and He is good.

I await with joyous excitement to see the day when the Lord will return and perfect His bride completely, once and for all. For now, I will be responsible for myself and simply rejoice when I see myself, my family, and other people in the body of Christ fulfill their calling from God. Amen!

Super Decathlon

I had the wonderful privilege of doing my first Aerobatic flight. I wanted to do this to gain some more tailwheel experience in a different type of aircraft as well as learn what it is like to fly upside down. I believe that I will be a better pilot if I know how my aircraft will maneuver in all sorts of conditions (whether meterorological or self-imposed). I had a great time and you can see a video of this by clicking HERE!

Beat the heat with a Slip N Slide
The SUPER Swing

2 thoughts on “Everything In Its Place…

  1. Wow, Phil! Great video!! Thanks for sharing your life, and heart, with us. I think we have the same slip-n-slide…the stuff summer is made of;) Hugs to you all.

  2. I feel like going to get my pilot license now so I can do that! = ] The lesson you learned was a good thing to be reminded of; I am not responsible for everyone else’s actions. That is something I forget too often. We miss you guys. Will be thinking and praying for you from Zion for the next few days.

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